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Instructions for Authors


Papers published in Astronomische Nachrichten / Astronomical Notes (AN) shall present the results of original research not previously published. Articles submitted to AN should meet these criteria and must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. All papers are sent to referees. There are no page charges. Authors should be aware about the Transfer of Copyright of all published papers and the possibility of ordering additional reprints/pdfs using the proofs form.

Papers must be written in English. While a polished literary style is not demanded of scientific papers, they should conform to the elementary rules of grammar, syntax, and punctuation.

Each corresponding author will receive a PDF file for 50 printouts of his contribution free of charge. Reprints (at least 50 copies) or a PDF file for an unlimited number of printouts can be purchased.

Preparation of Manuscripts

Only manuscripts written with the most recent version of the LaTeX2e style file can be accepted. The latter can be obtained by sending an e-mail to or by retrieving one of the following packages:
AN-macro.tar.gz (185k) - Includes instructions, the AN-LaTeX2e macro, a template file for your paper, the keyword list, and other files you may need (as described in the accompaning read.me-file).
an.cls (59k) - Only the AN-LaTeX2e macro (unzipped, uncompressed).
guide.tex (19k) - Only the template LaTeX2e-file (unzipped, uncompressed).
guide.ps (360k) - The guide in postscript format.
Authors are also encouraged to submit Encapsulated PostScript (".eps") files for figures in both electronic and nonelectronic papers, especially for grayscales. Each EPS file should be one page only (multipage files are unacceptable). Authors should check that laser-printed originals of these figures are acceptable.

Papers have to be accompanied by key words. These are published together with the paper and must be choose from the current list of key words (up to five items).


The manuscript should be submitted electronically by sending a PDF file or a PS file including figures (preferably zipped or gzipped) to OR by uploading the file using the submission upload form.

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