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The Schwarzschild-Building - the new AIP Science and Technology building
(credit: P.Friedrich, M.M.Roth)

Reason for selection:

Inauguration of the `Schwarzschild-Haus'
at March, 13th, 2000

The Astrophysical Institute Potsdam is moving into its new technology building on the campus of the Sternwarte Babelsberg. This important step forward will provide the institute with workshops, labs, and other technical facilities which are required to participate in the development of modern telescopes and focal plane instrumentation.
The new building also includes offices and seminar rooms for 60 scientists and technical staff members.

The new science and technology building will be dedicated to the memory of Karl and Martin Schwarzschild during the inauguration ceremony on March 13, 2000.

Further information can be found at `Neubau'-page

( credit: M.M.Roth).