IAU Symposium 259
Cosmic Magnetic Fields:
from Planets, to Stars and Galaxies

Puerto Santiago, Tenerife, Spain
November 3-7, 2008
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Principal topics

The conference will cover the most critical aspects of cosmic magnetism. Topics include: magnetic fields in star-forming regions; the multi-scale field of the Sun and its interior; the Jupiter-Io system; heliospheric and interplanetary fields; Earth's magnetic field; surface fields of cool and hot stars and of degenerate objects; planetary-nebulae shaping by magnetic fields, jet and accretion-disk fields: from stars to AGNs and beyond; fields around stellar black holes and magnetars, Supernovae, the magnetic field of the galactic center; the galactic field (is there a magnetic web in our Milky Way?); fields of spiral galaxies; instrumentation and techniques for measuring magnetic fields across all wavelengths, from the ground and space, with emphasis on soon-to-come facilities (optical, IR, FIR/sub-mm, radio).

Conference photos (Rainer Arlt)   

Conference photos (Christoph Kuckein)   

First announcement, April 18, 2008

Contact addresses

Scientific organizing committee

Eduardo Battaner (Spain), Rainer Beck (Germany), John E. Beckman (co-chair, Spain), Claude Catala (France), Andrew Collier-Cameron (U.K.), Richard M. Crutcher (USA), Karl-Heinz Glassmeier (Germany), Karel van der Hucht (Netherlands), Alexander G. Kosovichev (co-chair, USA), Cristina Mandrini (Argentina), Gauthier Mathys (ESO), Don Melrose (IAU, Australia), Hiromoto Shibahashi (Japan), Klaus G. Strassmeier (co-chair, Germany), Lev Zeleny (Russia), Shuang Nan Zhang (China).

Local organizing committee

John E. Beckman (chair, Spain), Judith de Araoz (Spain), Rainer Arlt (Germany), Eva Bejarano (Spain), Valeria Buenrostro Leiter (Spain), Thorsten Carroll (Germany), Katrin Götz (Germany), Christoph Kuckein (Spain), Valentín Martínez Pillet (Spain), Jorge A. Pérez Prieto (Spain)

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