Wedge Plots of the 2SLAQ Surveys

These plots compare the 2SLAQ surveys with other surveys in the same area of the sky (the three extragalactic SDSS surveys, 2dFGRS, and 2QZ). They show wedges of redshift vs. RA and the coverage on sky through boxes of RA vs. DEC. The numbers given in the caption are the number of objects of each survey within the displayed ranges of RA, DEC, and redshift.

Latest plots

SGP, status October 2005 (multi-page gzipped Postscript, size 0.77 MiB):

NGP, status October 2005 (multi-page gzipped Postscript, size 2.01 MiB):

Old plots

NGP, status Apr2005 (multi-page gzipped Postscript):

NGP, status 04Aug2004 (multi-page gzipped Postscript):

SGP, status 25Jun2004 (multi-page gzipped Postscript):

NGP, status 25Jun2004 (multi-page gzipped Postscript):

SGP, status Apr2005, with updated plots July 2005 (multi-page gzipped Postscript, size 0.73 MiB):

NGP, status June 2005 (for LRGs) and July 2005 (for QSOs) (multi-page gzipped Postscript, size 1.78 MiB):