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1 2012AN....333..810D
1.00011/2012A      E  F          X                      R  C                      U      
Denker, C.; von der Luehe, O.; Feller, A.; Arlt, K.; Balthasar, H.; Bauer, S.-M.; Bello Gonzalez, N.; Berkefeld, Th.; Caligari, P.; Collados, M.; and 26 coauthors
A retrospective of the GREGOR solar telescope in scientific literature

2 2012AN....333..796S
1.00011/2012A      E  F                                  R  C                              
Schmidt, W.; von der Luehe, O.; Volkmer, R.; Denker, C.; Solanki, S. K.; Balthasar, H.; Bello Gonzalez, N.; Berkefeld, Th.; Collados, M.; Fischer, A.; and 15 coauthors
The 1.5 meter solar telescope GREGOR

3 2011CoPP...51..621D
1.00008/2011A      E              X                      R  C                      U      
Dzhalilov, N. S.; Kuznetsov, V. D.; Staude, Juergen
Wave Instabilities of a Collisionless Plasma in Fluid Approximation

4 2009JApA...29..387L
1.00005/2009        E                                      R  C                      U      
Lozitsky, V. G.; Staude, J.
Observational evidences for multi-component magnetic field structure in solar flares

5 2008CosRe..46..392S
1.00010/2008A      E                                      R                              
Somov, B. V.; Dzhalilov, N. S.; Staude, J.
Instability of entropy waves in cosmic plasma

6 2008A&A...489..769D
1.00010/2008A      E  F          X                      R  C                      U      
Dzhalilov, N. S.; Kuznetsov, V. D.; Staude, J.
Wave instabilities in an anisotropic magnetized space plasma

7 2008SoPh..250..279D
1.00008/2008A      E                                      R  C                      U      
Demidov, M. L.; Golubeva, E. M.; Balthasar, H.; Staude, J.; Grigoryev, V. M.
Comparison of Solar Magnetic Fields Measured at Different Observatories: Peculiar Strength Ratio Distributions Across the Disk

8 2007SunGe...2...65D
1.00012/2007A          F                                                                  
Dzhalilov, N. S.; Kuznetsov, V. D.; Staude, J.
Magneto-Hydro-Dynamic Waves In The Collisionless Space Plasma

9 2007AstL...33..309S
1.00005/2007A      E                                      R  C                      U      
Somov, B. V.; Dzhalilov, N. S.; Staude, J.
Peculiarities of entropy and magnetosonic waves in optically thin cosmic plasma

10 2007ASPC..368..605B
1.00005/2007A      E  F  G      X              T      R  C                      U      
Balthasar, H.; von der Luehe, O.; Kneer, F.; Staude, J.; Volkmer, R.; Berkefeld, T.; Caligari, P.; Collados, M.; Halbgewachs, C.; Heidecke, F.; and 10 coauthors
GREGOR: the New German Solar Telescope

1.00003/2007A                      X                      R                          U  H  
Carroll, T. A.; Staude, J.
The Characteristic Length Scale of the Magnetic Fluctuation in a Sunspot Penumbra: A Stochastic Polarized Radiative Transfer Approach

12 2007msfa.conf...39V
1.00000/2007A          F  G                      T      R  C                      U      
Volkmer, R.; von der Luehe, O.; Kneer, F.; Staude, J.; Balthasar, H.; Berkefeld, T.; Caligari, P.; Collados, M.; Halbgewachs, C.; Heidecke, F.; and 10 coauthors
New high resolution solar telescope GREGOR

13 2006ASPC..358..137C
1.00012/2006A      E  F  G                      T      R  C                          
Carroll, T. A.; Staude, J.
The Characteristic Length Scale of the Magnetic Fluctuation in a Sunspot Penumbra: A Stochastic Polarized Radiative Transfer Approach

14 2006SPIE.6267E..29V
1.00007/2006A      E                              T          C                      U      
Volkmer, Reiner; von der Luehe, Oskar; Kneer, Franz; Staude, Juergen; Berkefeld, Thomas; Caligari, Peter; Halbgewachs, Clemens; Heidecke, Frank; Schmidt, Wolfgang; Soltau, Dirk; and 8 coauthors
The new 1.5m solar telescope GREGOR: first light and start of commissioning

15 2005ESASP.596E...9C
1.00011/2005            F  G                      T                                      
Carroll, T. A.; Staude, J.
Line Formation in Inhomogeneous Atmospheres and the Magnetic Structure of the Internetwork

16 2005SPIE.5901...75V
1.00008/2005A      E                              T          C                          
Volkmer, Reiner; von der Luehe, Oskar; Kneer, Franz; Staude, Juergen; Berkefeld, Thomas; Caligari, Peter; Halbgewachs, Clemens; Schmidt, Wolfgang; Soltau, Dirk; Nicklas, Harald; and 7 coauthors
The new 1.5 solar telescope GREGOR: progress report and results of performance tests

17 2005A&A...437.1055M
1.00007/2005A      E  F                                  R  C                  O      
Muglach, K.; Hofmann, A.; Staude, J.
Dynamics of solar active regions. II. Oscillations observed with MDI and their relation to the magnetic field topology

18 2005AGUSMSH13C..03M
Muglach, K.; Hofmann, A.; Staude, J.
Active Region Oscillations and Their Relation to the Magnetic Field Topology

19 2005AN....326..296C
1.00004/2005A      E  F                                  R  C                          
Carroll, T. A.; Staude, J.
Line formation in turbulent magnetic atmospheres

20 2004SPIE.5489..693V
1.00010/2004A      E                              T          C                          
Volkmer, Reiner; von der Luehe, Oskar F.; Kneer, Franz; Staude, Juergen; Berkefeld, Thomas; Caligari, Peter; Schmidt, Wolfgang; Soltau, Dirk; Nicklas, Harald; Wiehr, Eberhardt; and 7 coauthors
Progress report of the 1.5 m solar telescope GREGOR

21 2004ARep...48..871L
1.00010/2004A      E                                      R  C                          
Lebedev, N. I.; Kuznetsov, V. D.; Oraevskii, V. N.; Staude, J.; Kostyk, R. I.
The Helioseismological CORONAS-F DIFOS Experiment

22 2004A&A...421..305D
1.00007/2004A      E  F          X                      R  C                  O  U      
Dzhalilov, N. S.; Staude, J.
Eigenoscillations of the differentially rotating Sun. II. Generalization of the Laplace tidal equation

23 2003A&A...410..315R
1.00010/2003A      E  F                                  R  C                      U      
Rendtel, J.; Staude, J.; Curdt, W.
Observations of oscillations in the transition region above sunspots

24 2003ANS...324..112V
1.00007/2003                                                    C                          
Volkmer, Reiner; von der Luehe, Oskar; Kneer, Franz; Staude, Juergen; Berkfeld, Thomas; Schmidt, Wolfgang; Soltau, Dirk; Nicklas, Harald; Wiehr, Eberhardt; Wittman, Axel; and 3 coauthors
Current Status of the 1.5m Solar Telescope GREGOR

25 2003SPIE.4853..360V
1.00002/2003A                                      T          C                          
Volkmer, Reiner; von der Luehe, Oskar; Kneer, Franz; Staude, Juergen; Hofmann, Axel; Schmidt, Wolfgang; Sobotka, Michal; Soltau, Dirk; Wiehr, Eberhardt; Wittmann, Axel; Berkefeld, Thomas
GREGOR: the new 1.5m solar telescope on Tenerife

26 2003ASPC..307..378L
1.00000/2003            F  G                      T          C                          
Lozitsky, V. G.; Staude, J.
Multi-Component Magnetic Field Structure in Solar Flares

27 2003ASPC..307..125C
1.00000/2003            F  G                      T          C                          
Carroll, T. A.; Staude, J.
Diagnostics of Magnetic Field Mesostructuring

28 2003AN....324..392C
1.00000/2003            F                                  R  C                          
Carroll, T. A.; Staude, J.
Meso-structured magnetic atmospheres: Stochastic polarized radiative transfer and Stokes profile inversion

29 2003AN....324..391S
1.00000/2003            F                                  R  C                          
Staude, J.
Oscillations of velocity and magnetic fields in sunspot umbrae

30 2002NCimC..25..689K
1.00009/2002            F                                                                  
Kneer, F.; Hofmann, A.; von der Luehe, O.; Soltau, W. Schmidt D.; Staude, J.; Wiehr, E.; Wittmann, A. D.
GREGOR, a 1.5 m Gregory-type telescope for solar observation

31 2002AN....323..465P
1.00007/2002A      E  F                                  R  C                          
Pregla, A. V.; Zhugzhda, Y. D.; Staude, J.
On nonadiabatic waves in the photospheres of cool stars

32 2002AN....323..317S
1.00007/2002A      E  F                                  R  C                      U      
Staude, J.
Magnetic field oscillations of sunspots?

33 2002AN....323..123H
1.00007/2002A      E  F                                  R  C                          
Hasler, K.-H.; Ruediger, G.; Staude, J.
Signature of differential rotation in solar disk-integrated chromospheric line emission

34 2002ESASP.477..167S
1.00003/2002A          F  G                      T      R                              
Staude, Juergen; Dzhalilov, Namig S.
Long-period eigenoscillations of the solar interior: 1-3 yr, 20-40 yr, and 1500-20000 year modes

35 2002A&A...384..282D
1.00003/2002A      E  F          X                      R  C                  O  U  H  
Dzhalilov, N. S.; Staude, J.; Oraevsky, V. N.
Eigenoscillations of the differentially rotating Sun. I. 22-year, 4000-year, and quasi-biennial modes

36 2002cosp...34E.345O
1.00000/2002A                                      T                                      
Oraevsky, V.; Lebedev, N.; Kuznetsov, V.; Staude, J.; Kostyk, R.
Global Oscillations of the Sun in a Wide Optical Spectral Range: DIFOS Experiment Onboard CORONAS-F

37 2001AN....322..361K
1.00012/2001A      E  F                                  R  C                          
Kneer, F.; Hofmann, A.; von der Luehe, O.; Schmidt, W.; Soltau, D.; Staude, J.; Wiehr, E.; Wittmann, A. D.
Post-focus instrumentation for GREGOR

38 2001AN....322..353V
1.00012/2001A      E  F                                  R  C                          
von der Luehe, O.; Schmidt, W.; Soltau, D.; Berkefeld, Th.; Kneer, F.; Staude, J.
GREGOR: a 1.5 m telescope for solar research

39 2001AN....322..271S
1.00012/2001A      E  F                                  R  C                          
Strassmeier, K. G.; Staude, J.; Dreizler, S.
Introduction to Volume 322 (5/6) Proceedings of the Joint-Discussion #1 and the Mini-Symposia #9 and #10 at the Joint European and National Astronomical Meeting (JENAM) for 2001

40 2001A&A...378..316C
1.00010/2001A      E  F                                  R  C                          
Carroll, T. A.; Staude, J.
The inversion of Stokes profiles with artificial neural networks

41 2001SoPh..202..281S
1.00009/2001A      E                                      R  C                      U      
Settele, A.; Staude, J.; Zhugzhda, Y. D.
Waves in Sunspots: Resonant Transmission and the Adiabatic Coefficient

42 2001ESASP.493..417V
1.00009/2001            F  G                      T      R  C                          
von der Luehe, O.; Schmidt, W.; Soltau, D.; Kneer, F.; Staude, J.; Pailer, N.
GREGOR: high resolution solar observations from 1 AU

43 2001ESASP.493..337R
1.00009/2001            F  G                      T      R  C                          
Rendtel, Juergen; Staude, Juergen
Observations of oscillations above sunspots

44 2001ESASP.493..183C
1.00009/2001            F  G                      T      R  C                          
Carroll, T. A.; Staude, J.
Analysis and interpretation of Stokes profiles with artificial neural networks

45 2001ESASP.464..625D
1.00001/2001A          F  G                      T      R                              
Dzhalilov, Namig S.; Staude, Juergen
Shifts of p-mode frequencies by wave tunneling through the solar atmosphere

46 2001ESASP.464..247S
1.00001/2001A          F  G                      T      R                              
Settele, A.; Staude, J.; Zhugzhda, Y. D.
Problems in the interpretation of sunspot oscillation measurements

47 2001ESASP.464..235R
1.00001/2001A          F  G                      T      R                              
Rendtel, J.; Staude, J.; Wilhelm, K.; Gurman, J. P.
Sunspot transition region oscillations

48 2001IAUS..203..320S
1.00000/2001A          F  G                      T      R  C                          
Staude, J.; Rendtel, J.; Settele, A.
Resonant Transmission of Magneto-atmospheric Waves in Sunspot Umbrae

49 2001ASPC..248..173D
1.00000/2001            F  G                      T      R                              
Dzhalilov, N. S.; Staude, J.
Low-Frequency Eigenoscillations of the Differentially Rotating Solar Interior

50 2001AGM....18.P223K
1.00000/2001A                                                  C                          
Kneer, F.; Hofmann, A.; von der Luehe, O.; Schmidt, W.; Soltau, D.; Staude, J.; Wiehr, E.; Wittmann, A. D.
GREGOR, a 1.5 m Gregory-type Telescope for Solar Observation

51 2001AGM....18..P04S
Staude, J.; Dzhalilov, N. S.
Long-period Eigenoscillations of the Solar Interior: 22-year, 4500-year, and Quasi-biennial Modes

52 2000Obs...120..420S
Schmieder, B.; Hofmann, A.; Staude, J.
Book Review: Third advances in solar physics Euroconference : magnetic fields and oscillations / Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 1999

53 2000A&A...361.1127D
1.00009/2000A          F  G                              R  C                          
Dzhalilov, N. S.; Staude, J.; Arlt, K.
Influence of the solar atmosphere on the p-mode eigenoscillations

54 2000A&A...355..347Z
1.00003/2000A          F  G                              R  C                      U      
Zhugzhda, Y. D.; Balthasar, H.; Staude, J.
Multi-mode oscillations of sunspots

55 2000A&R....37....4S
Staude, J.
Helioseismologie - ein neues Fenster der Sonnenforschung.

56 2000MitAG..83...13S
1.00000/2000            F  G                                                              
Staude, J.
Friedrich Wilhelm Jaeger (1914 - 14. Februar 2000).

57 2000ESASP.463..629V
1.00000/2000            F  G                      T      R  C                          
von der Luehe, O.; Schmidt, Wolfgang; Soltau, Dirk; Kneer, Franz; Staude, Jurgen
GREGOR: A 1.5m Telescope for Solar Research

58 2000AcHA...11...81S
Staude, Juergen
Solar physics in Potsdam. (German Title: Sonnenphysik in Potsdam)

59 2000AcHA....8..107S
Staude, Juergen; Hofmann, Axel
Solar research in Potsdam - sidelights on its history. (German Title: Sonnenforschung in Potsdam - Streiflichter aus der Geschichte)

60 1999ESASP.448..417Z
1.00012/1999            F  G                      T      R                              
Zhugzhda, Y.; Balthasar, H.; Staude, J.
Multi-mode Magnetic Oscillations in Sunspots

61 1999ESASP.448..373S
1.00012/1999            F  G                      T      R                              
Staude, J.; Rendtel, J.; Balthasar, H.; Zhugzhda, Y.
Oscillations in Sunspots: Observations and Modelling

62 1999ESASP.448..367S
1.00012/1999            F  G                      T      R                              
Settele, A.; Zhugzhda, Y. D.; Staude, J.
The Influence of the Adiabatic Coefficient and the Magnetic Field on Sunspot Oscillations

63 1999ASPC..184..271R
1.00009/1999A          F  G                      T      R  C                          
Rendtel, J.; Staude, J.; Innes, D. E.; Wilhelm, K.
SUMER Observations of Intensity Oscillations in the Transition Region of a Sunspot

64 1999ASPC..184..113S
1.00009/1999A          F  G                      T      R  C                      U      
Staude, J.
Sunspot Oscillations

65 1999ASPC..184..108K
1.00009/1999A          F  G                      T      R                              
Krivtsov, A. M.; Hofmann, A.; Staude, J.; Klvana, M.; Bumba, V.
Determination of the Velocity Vector Field in an Asymmetric Sunspot Based on Vector Magnetograph Measurements

66 1999A&A...341..768G
1.00001/1999A          F  G                              R  C      S              U      
Guenther, Eike W.; Lehmann, Holger; Emerson, James P.; Staude, Juergen
Measurements of magnetic field strength on T Tauri stars

67 1999soho....9E..25S
Staude, Juergen; Balthasar, Horst; Zhugzhda, Yuzef
Magnetic Field Oscillations in Sunspots?

68 1999joso.proc...85M
Maleki, D.; Staude, J.
High resolution spectro-polarimetric observations of sunspot penumbrae.

69 1999joso.proc...74S
Schmieder, B.; Staude, J.
Magnetic fields and oscillations. 3rd Euroconference ASPE98 (Advances in Solar Physics Euroconference 1998), Potsdam/Caputh (Germany), 22 - 25 Sep 1998. Poster contributions.

70 1999ASPC..184.....S
1.00000/1999A                                      T          C                          
Schmieder, B.; Hofmann, A.; Staude, J.
Third Advances in Solar Physics Euroconference: Magnetic Fields and Oscillations

71 1999AN....320..147S
1.00000/1999A          F                                  R  C                          
Settele, A.; Zhugzhda, Y. D.; Staude, J.
A new method to calculate the resonant response of a sunspot model atmosphere to magneto-atmospheric waves

72 1999AN....320...43M
1.00000/1999A          F                                  R  C                          
Meister, C.-V.; Staude, J.; Pregla, A. V.
An attempt to estimate nonideal effects on the electron partial pressure in the solar interior up to density order 5/2

73 1999AGM....15..A08S
Staude, J.; Balthasar, H.; Zhugzhda, Y. D.
Magnetic field oscillations in sunspots - - a `whispering gallery' mode?

74 1999AGM....15..A01V
von der Luehe, O.; Schmidt, W.; Soltau, D.; Kneer, F.; Staude, J.
GREGOR, a 1.5 M Solar Telescope

75 1999AGAb...15....9S
Staude, J.; Balthasar, H.; Zhugzhda, Y. D.
Magnetic field oscillations in sunspots - a "whispering gallery" mode?

76 1999AGAb...15....5V
von der Luehe, O.; Schmidt, W.; Soltau, D.; Kneer, F.; Staude, J.
GREGOR, a 1.5 m solar telescope.

77 1998A&A...335.1077K
1.00007/1998A          F  G                              R  C                          
Krivtsov, A. M.; Hofmann, A.; Staude, J.; Klvana, M.; Bumba, V.
Determination of the full velocity vector based on vector magnetograph measurements in an asymmetric sunspot

78 1998joso.proc...79H
Horn, T.; Staude, J.
Oscillation of the magnetic field in an active region.

79 1998IAUS..185..449H
1.00000/1998A          F  G                      T          C                          
Horn, T.; Staude, J.
Oscillations of the magnetic field in an active region

80 1998ESASP.418..651S
1.00000/1998A          F  G                      T      R  C                          
Staude, J.; Rendtel, J.; Innes, D.; Wilhelm, K.; Gurman, J. B.
Oscillations in a Sunspot Transition Region Observed with SOHO

81 1998ESASP.417..277R
1.00000/1998            F  G                      T          C                          
Rendtel, J.; Staude, J.; Innes, D.; Wilhelm, K.; Gurman, J. B.
Sunspot Oscillations from SUMER Spectra

82 1998ESASP.417..243H
1.00000/1998            F  G                      T                                      
Horn, T.; Hasler, K.-H.; Arlt, K.; Staude, J.; Oraevsky, V. N.; Zhugzhda, Y. D.
German-Russian Cooperation in Helioseismology

83 1997ASSL..225..235S
1.00012/1997A                                      T      R                              
Staude, J.; Horn, T.
Two-dimensional measurements of sunspot oscillations

84 1997SoPh..172...69H
1.00005/1997        E                                      R  C                          
Horn, T.; Staude, J.; Landgraf, V.
Observations of Sunspot Umbral Oscillations

85 1996SoPh..164..183S
1.00003/1996A          F  G                              R                              
Staude, J.
Contribution Functions for Polarized Radiative Transfer

86 1996A&A...305L..33Z
1.00001/1996A          F  G                              R  C                          
Zhugzhda, Y. D.; Staude, J.; Bartling, G.
Spectral darkening functions of solar p-modes - an effective tool for helioseismology.

87 1996ASPC..109..161S
1.00000/1996            F  G                      T      R                              
Staude, J.; Zhugzhda, Y. D.
On the possibility of detection of p-modes with L> 3 in the sun-like stars

88 1996AGAb...12...91S
1.00000/1996            F  G                                                              
Staude, J.; Horn, T.; Landgraf, V.
Two-dimensional measurements of sunspot oscillations.

89 1995A&A...303..561D
1.00011/1995A          F  G                              R  C                          
Dzhalilov, N. S.; Staude, J.
An analytic theory of adiabatic p-modes in the atmospheres of the Sun and Sun-like stars.

90 1995A&A...296L..25L
1.00004/1995A          F  G                              R  C                          
Lebedev, N. I.; Oraevsky, V. N.; Zhugzhda, Y. D.; Kopaev, I. M.; Kostyk, R. I.; Pflug, K.; Ruediger, G.; Staude, J.; Bettac, H.-D.
First results of the CORONAS-DIFOS experiment. Space observations of solar irradiance oscillations.

91 1995AN....316..154F
1.00003/1995            F  G                                                              
Filippenko, A. V.; Staude, J.
Book-Review - Robotic Telescopes in the 1990S

92 1995Stern..71..142S
Staude, J.
Sonnenforschung am Einsteinturm.

93 1995ESASP.376b.441D
1.00000/1995            F  G                      T                                      
Dzhalilov, N. S.; Staude, J.
An Analytical Model of Adiabatic P-Modes Resonant Transmission Through the Solar Atmosphere

94 1995ESASP.376b.353L
1.00000/1995            F  G                      T                                      
Lebedev, N. I.; Oraevsky, V. N.; Zhugzhda, Y. D.; Kopaev, I. M.; Kostyk, R. I.; Pflug, K.; Ruediger, G.; Staude, J.; Bettac, H. -D.  
Solar Irradiance Oscillations: Preliminary Results of the Coronas-Difos Experiment

Staude, J.
Sonnenforschung am Sonnenobservatorium Einsteinturm des Astrophysikalischen Instituts Potsdam.

96 1995ASPC...83..451S
1.00000/1995            F  G                      T                                      
Staude, J.; Bartling, G.; Zhugzhda, Y. D.; Dzhalilov, N. S.
Visibility Functions of Solar and Stellar Irradiance Variations

97 1995ASPC...83..449D
1.00000/1995            F  G                      T                                      
Dzhalilov, N. S.; Staude, J.
An Analytic Theory of Adiabatic p-modes in the Atmospheres of the Sun and Sun-like Stars

98 1995ASPC...76..338S
1.00000/1995            F  G                      T      R  C                          
Staude, J.; Zhugzhda, Y. D.; Dzhalilov, N. S.
Radiation-Hydrodynamic Waves and Solar P Modes: Visibility Functions

99 1994A&A...291.1001D
1.00011/1994A          F  G                              R  C                          
Dzhalilov, N. S.; Zhugzhda, Y. D.; Staude, J.
Radiation-hydrodynamic waves in anoptically grey atmosphere. 2: Analysis of wave properties and effects of thermal conductivity in a homogeneous model

100 1994SoPh..152..227S
1.00006/1994A          F  G                      T      R  C                          
Staude, J.; Dzhalilov, N. S.; Zhugzhda, Y. D.
Radiation-hydrodynamic waves and global solar oscillations

1.00000/1994            F  G                      T          C                          
Staude, J.
Interpretation of sunspot oscillations

102 1994smf..conf..248S
1.00000/1994                                        T                                      
Staude, J.
Sunspot umbral oscillations

103 1994emsp.conf....9Z
1.00000/1994                                        T                                      
Zhugzhda, Y. D.; Staude, J.; Dzhalilov, N. S.
Radiation-Hydrodynamic Waves in the Solar Atmoshere

104 1994AGAb...10..116S
1.00000/1994            F  G                                                              
Staude, J.; Bartling, G.; Dzhalilov, N. S.; Zhugzhda, Y. D.
Visibility functions of solar and stellar luminosity oscillations.

105 1994ABLD....5.....S
Staude, J.
Sonnenforschung in Potsdam - Das Sonnenobservatorium Einsteinturm des Astrophysikalischen Instituts Potsdam.

106 1993A&A...278L...9Z
1.00010/1993A          F  G                              R  C                          
Zhugzhda, Y. D.; Dzhalilov, N. S.; Staude, J.
Radiation-hydrodynamic waves in an optically non-grey atmosphere

107 1992AN....313..348S
1.00011/1992            F  G                                                              
Schmelz, J. T.; Brown, J. C.; Staude, J.
Book-Review - the Sun - a Laboratory for Astrophysics

108 1992AN....313Q.302S
1.00009/1992            F  G                                                              
Sanchez, F.; Collados, M.; Vazquez, M.; Staude, J.
Book-Review - Solar Observations - Techniques and Interpretation - First Canary Islands Winter School of Astrophysics

109 1992AN....313..318T
1.00009/1992            F  G                                                              
Tuominen, I.; Moss, D.; Rudiger, G.; Staude, J.
Book-Review - the Sun and Cool Stars - Activity Magnetism Dynamos - I.A.U.COLL - Helsinki 1990JUL17-20

110 1992A&A...257..359D
1.00004/1992A          F  G                              R  C                          
Dzhalilov, N. S.; Zhugzhda, Y. D.; Staude, J.
Radiation-hydrodynamic waves in an optically gray atmosphere. I - Homogeneous model

111 1992LNP...397..181S
1.00000/1992        E                              T          C                          
Staude, J.
Oscillations &Seismological Diagnostics of Sunspots (Invited)

112 1991S&W....30..505S
Staude, J.
Das Sonnenobservatorium Einsteinturm in Potsdam. Erforschung solarer Magnetfelder und der Physik von Sonnenflecken.

113 1991AN....312..326R
1.00007/1991            F  G                                                              
Ruzdjak, V.; Tandberg-Hanssen, E.; Staude, J.
Book-Review - Dynamics of Quiescent Prominences - I.A.U. COLL.117 - Hvar - Croatia

1.00001/1991A          F  G                      T          C                          
Staude, J.; Hofmann, A.; Bachmann, G.
The Potsdam vector magnetograph: methodical experiences and results.

115 1991RvMA....4...69S
1.00000/1991            F  G                      T      R  C                          
Staude, J.
Solar Research at Potsdam: Papers on the Structure and Dynamics of Sunspots.

116 1990AN....311..425P
1.00010/1990            F  G                                                              
Paris, R. B.; Wood, A. D.; Staude, J.
Book-Review - Asymptotics of High Order Differential Equations

117 1990AN....311..416K
1.00010/1990            F  G                                                          U      
Kundu, M. R.; Woodgate, B.; Schmahl, E. J.; Staude, J.
Book-Review - Energetic Phenomena on the Sun

118 1990AN....311..106T
1.00002/1990            F  G                                                              
Tandberg-Hanssen, E.; Emslie, A. G.; Staude, J.
Book-Review - the Physics of Solar Flares

119 1990PDHO....7..302S
Staude, J.
Seismological diagnostics of sunspot umbral structure.

120 1989ESASP.285..123S
1.00001/1989A                                      T          C                          
Staude, J.; Hofmann, A.
Possibilities and problems of the interpretation of solar magnetograph measurements and applications to flare-active regions

121 1989ssg..conf..601Z
1.00000/1989            F  G                      T                                      
Zhugzhda, Y. D.; Staude, J.; Locans, V.
Probing of Sunspot Umbral Structure by Oscillations

122 1989AN....310..280C
1.00000/1989            F  G                      T                                      
Christensen-Dalsgaard, J.; Frandsen, S.; Staude, J.
Book-Review - Advances in - and Asteroseismology - I.A.U. SYMP.123

123 1989AN....310...66S
1.00000/1989            F  G                      T                                      
Schroter, E. H.; Schussler, M.; Staude, J.
Book-Review - Solar and Stellar Physics - 5TH European Solar Meeting - Titisee / Schwarzwald - Germany - 1987APR27-30

124 1988A&A...204..263L
1.00010/1988A          F  G                              R  C                          
Locans, V.; Skerse, D.; Staude, J.; Zhugzhda, Iu. D.
Oscillations and the temperature minimum in sunspot umbrae

125 1988A&A...189..232O
1.00001/1988A          F  G                              R  C                      U      
Obridko, V. N.; Staude, J.
A two-component working model for the atmosphere of a large sunspot umbra

126 1987PAICz..66..161S
Staude, J.; Zhugzhda, Yu. D.; Locans, V.
Oscillations and waves in sunspots.

127 1987PAICz..66..105H
Hofmann, A.; Staude, J.
Electric current density in the sunspot photosphere derived from vector magnetograms.

128 1987eram....1..161S
1.00000/1987A                                      T                                      
Staude, J.; Zhugzhda, Iu. D.; Locans, V.
Oscillations and waves in sunspots

129 1987eram....1..105H
1.00000/1987A                                      T                                      
Hofmann, A.; Staude, J.
Electric current density in the sunspot photosphere derived from vector magnetograms

130 1987AN....308..257Z
1.00000/1987A          F  G                              R  C                          
Zhugzhda, Iu. D.; Locans, V.; Staude, J.
The interpretation of oscillations in sunspot umbrae

131 1986Stern..62..109S
Staude, J.
Spektroskopische Untersuchungen am Einsteinturm: Zur Physik der Korona und der Sonnenflecken.

132 1986CoSka..15..299S
1.00000/1986A          F  G                                  C                          
Staude, J.
Models of the solar atmosphere above sunspots

133 1986CoSka..15..111S
1.00000/1986A          F  G                                                              
Siarkowski, M.; Jakimiec, J.; Staude, J.
Investigation of the large preceding spot of AR 2779 from SMM data

134 1985A&A...143..201Z
1.00002/1985A          F  G                              R  C                          
Zhugzhda, Ia. D.; Locans, V.; Staude, J.
Oscillations in the chromosphere and transition region above sunspot umbrae - A photospheric or a chromospheric resonator?

135 1985SoPh...95...37S
1.00001/1985A          F  G                              R  C                          
Staude, J.; Zhugzhda, Iu. D.; Locans, V.
Interpretation of oscillations in UV lines observed above sunspot umbrae

136 1985AN....306..197S
1.00000/1985A          F  G                              R  C                          
Staude, J.
On the inhomogeneous structure of the chromosphere-corona transition region above sunspot umbrae

137 1984SvA....28..557S
1.00010/1984            F  G                                                      O      
Staude, J.; Furstenberg, F.; Hildebrandt, J.; Kruger, A.; Jakimiec, J.; Obridko, V. N.; Siarkowski, M.; Sylwester, B.; Sylwester, J.
The Atmosphere of a Sunspot Based on Observations in the X-Ray Extreme Ultraviolet Optical and Radio Ranges

138 1984AZh....61..956S
1.00010/1984A                                                  C                  O      
Staude, J.; Furstenberg, F.; Hildebrandt, J.; Kruger, A.; Jakimiec, J.; Obridko, V. N.; Siarkowski, M.; Sylwester, B.; Sylwester, J.
The atmosphere of a sunspot based on observations in the X-ray, extreme ultraviolet, optical, and radio ranges

139 1984SoPh...91..219Z
1.00004/1984A          F  G                              R  C                          
Zhugzhda, Iu. D.; Staude, J.; Locans, V.
A model of the oscillations in the chromosphere and transition region above sunspot umbrae

140 1984PDHO....5..451Z
Zhugzhda, Y. D.; Staude, J.; Locans, V.
A Model of the Oscillations in the Chromosphere and Transition Region above Sunspot Umbrae

141 1984PDHO....5..369B
1.00000/1984                                                    C                          
Bachman, G.; Hofmann, A.; Staude, J.
Results of Vector Magnetographic Measurements in the Active Region SD228/229 on 1982JUL15

142 1984AN....305R.236Z
Zhugzhda, Y. D.; Staude, J.; Locans, V.
A Model of the Oscillations in the Chromosphere and

143 1984AN....305Q.236Z
Zhugzhda, Y. D.; Staude, J.; Locans, V.
Ein Modell der Oszillationen der Chromosphaere und Uebergangsregioh ueber Sonnenfleckenumbrae

144 1984AN....305..236Z
1.00000/1984            F  G                              R                              
Zugzda, Y. D.; Staude, J.; Locans, V.
A Model of the Oscillations in the Chromosphere and Transition Region above Sunspot Umbrae

145 1983SoPh...82..369Z
1.00001/1983A          F  G                              R  C                      U      
Zhugzhda, Iu. D.; Locans, V.; Staude, J.
Seismology of sunspot atmospheres

146 1983PDHO....5..451Z
Zhugzhda, Y. D.; Staude, J.; Locans, V.
A Model of the Oscillations in the Chromosphere and Transition Region Above Sunspot Umbrae

147 1983PDHO....5..369B
Bachmann, G.; Hofmann, A.; Staude, J.
Results of vector magnetographic measurements in the active region SD 228/229 on 15 July 1982.

148 1983AcA....33..441S
1.00000/1983A          F  G                                  C                      U      
Staude, J.; Hildebrandt, J.; Fuerstenberg, F.; Krueger, A.; Jakimiec, J.; Obridko, V. N.; Siarkowski, M.; Sylwester, B.; Sylwester, J.
A working model of sunspot structure in photosphere, chromosphere and corona, derived from X-ray, EUV, optical and radio observations

149 1981A&A...100..284S
1.00007/1981A          F  G                              R  C                      U      
Staude, J.
A unified working model for the atmospheric structure of large sunspot umbrae

150 1980SoPh...67..121S
1.00008/1980A          F  G                              R  C                          
Seehafer, N.; Staude, J.
Evidence for an X-type neutral sheet producing chromospheric activity

1.00000/1980A                                      T                                      
Staude, J.
Problems concerning the calibration and interpretation of magnetograph observations in the solar photosphere and chromosphere

152 1979Stern..55..206S
Scholz, G.; Staude, J.
Magnetfelder der Sonne und der Sterne. II.

153 1979Stern..55...65S
Scholz, G.; Staude, J.
Magnetfelder der Sonne und der Sterne. I.

154 1979AN....300..151S
1.00000/1979A          F  G                                  C                          
Seehafer, N.; Staude, J.
Force-free magnetic field extrapolation for the complex sunspot group of August 1972

155 1978BAICz..29...71S
1.00000/1978A          F  G                                  C                          
Staude, J.
Models of heat flux in the subphotospheric layers of sunspots and the interpretation of umbral granulation

156 1977PDHO....3..137S
Seehafer, N.; Staude, J.
Force-free magnetic field extrapolation for the complex sunspot group of August 1972.

157 1977IzKry..56R.205S
Staude, J.
Investigations in the field of magnetographic observations at the Einstein Solar Observatory in Potsdam.

158 1977IzKry..56..149E
Eger, F. W.; Staude, J.
Influence of the instrumental polarization on magnetographic observations.

159 1977IzKry..56..148B
Bachmann, G.; Staude, J.
Influence of scintillation and scattering of light on magnetographic measurements.

Bachmann, G.; Kuenzel, H.; Pflug, K.; Staude, J.
Methodical improvement of magnetographic measurements.

161 1976paps.coll..387S
1.00000/1976                                        T          C                          
Schoeneich, W.; Staude, J.
Light Variations of AP Stars: 10-COLOUR Photometry and its Interpretation by a Magnetic SPOT Model

162 1976fsp..conf...63S
Staude, J.
Model calculations concerning the subphotospheric layers of stable sunspots.

163 1976CoSka...6..395B
1.00000/1976            F  G                                                              
Bachmann, G.; Kuenzel, H.; Pflug, K.; Staude, J.
Methodical improvements of magnetographic measurements

164 1976BAICz..27..365S
1.00000/1976A          F  G                                  C                          
Staude, J.
Models of the solar convective zone - The influence of free parameters in mixing length theories

165 1976AsSch..13..101S
Staude, J.
Einige Methoden und Ergebnisse der modernen Sonnenforschung.

166 1975AN....296..171K
1.00000/1975A          F  G                                                              
Kuenzel, H.; Staude, J.
The anomalous splitting of the pi-component of a Zeeman triplet in sunspot umbrae and suggestions for its interpretation

167 1974ZMete..24..214S
Staude, J.
Possibilities regarding the determination of the structure of solar magnetic fields outside the photosphere

168 1973SoPh...32..403S
1.00010/1973A          F  G                              R  C                          
Staude, Juergen
On the interpretation of some peculiarities observed in zeeman-split line contours in sunspots

169 1973SoPh...31..291D
1.00008/1973A          F  G                              R  C                          
Domke, H.; Staude, J.
Non-LTE Line Formation in a Magnetic Field. II: The Influence of Non-Coherent Scattering on Line Contours

170 1973SoPh...31..279D
1.00008/1973A          F  G                              R  C                          
Domke, H.; Staude, J.
Non-LTE Line Formation in a Magnetic Field. I: Non-Coherent Scattering and True Absorption

171 1972AN....294..113S
1.00012/1972            F  G                                  C                          
Staude, J.
About the Influence of a Magnetic Field on the Model Atmosphere of a Magnetic Star

172 1972A&A....20..163S
1.00008/1972A          F  G                              R  C                          
Staude, J.; Schmidt, Th.
Circular Polarisation Measurements of the Zodiacal Light

173 1972SoPh...24..255S
1.00006/1972A          F  G                              R  C                          
Staude, Juergen
On the Mean Depth of Line Formation in a Magnetic Field

174 1972AsSch...9...90S
Staude, J.
Einige Methoden und Ergebnisse der modernen Sonnenforschung.

175 1971SoPh...18...24S
1.00005/1971            F  G                              R  C                          
Staude, Juergen
Remarks on Some Recent Papers Concerning Line Formation in a Magnetic Field

176 1971SoPh...18...22S
1.00005/1971            F  G                              R  C                          
Staude, Juergen
A Generalized Analytic Solution to the Equations of Transfer in a Magnetic Field

177 1971SoPh...17..331S
1.00004/1971            F  G                              R  C                          
Staude, Juergen
On apparent differences in magnetic field strengths measured from Zeeman splittings of molecular lines and Fe i ? 5250.2 A

178 1970SoPh...15..113B
1.00011/1970A          F  G                              R  C                          
Bachmann, G.; Pflug, K.; Staude, J.
Europium and Lanthanum in Sunspot and in the Undisturbed Photosphere

179 1970SoPh...15..102S
1.00011/1970A          F  G                              R  C                          
Staude, J.
Line Formation in a Magnetic Field and the Interpretation of Magnetographic Measurements. III: Calculations for Different Spot Models and Arbitrary Depth Dependence of the Magnetic Field Vector

180 1970SoPh...12...84S
1.00004/1970A          F  G                              R  C                          
Staude, J.
Line Formation in a Magnetic Field and the Interpretation of Magnetographic Measurements. II: The Influence of Different Atmosphere Models and of a Magnetic Field Gradient

181 1969SoPh....8..264S
1.00008/1969A          F  G                              R  C                          
Staude, J.
About the Influence of Inhomogeneities of Magnetic Fields on Line Contours and Magnetographic Measurements

182 1969VeGG...13..123S
1.00000/1969                                                                            U      
Staude, J.
Influence of inhomogeneities of magnetic fields on line contours and magnetographic measurements.

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