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Telescope and instrumentation
                         robotization at Dome C


March 26-29, 2007

Puerto Santiago, Tenerife

The aim of the meeting is to bring together active researchers and technicians as well as the Concordia station operators and logistic teams to discuss and establish the general conditions for successful implementation and future operation of robotic telescopes and instrumentation at Dome C. A summary and update of the status of the design and operation requirements of existing and proposed experiments is also part of the programme (astrophysics as well as related sciences). A lively exchange of thoughts is inherent to the ARENA "Workshop" idea and is driven by the scientific projects tailored to the unique capabilities of Dome C as well as to the technical limitations of reasonable robotic operation.

Scientific Organizing Committee
A. Allan (Univ. of Exeter), M. Ashley (UNSW, Sydney), M. Candidi (IFSI/CNR, Rome), J.-B. Daban (LUAN, Nice), E. Fossat (LUAN, Nice), A. Herber (AWI, Bremerhaven), R. Lenzen (MPIA, Heidelberg), E. Martin (IAC, La Laguna), I. Ribas (IEEC, Barcelona), P. Salinari (INAF, Firenze), K.G. Strassmeier (AIP, Potsdam, chair), J.-P. Swings (IfAG, Liège), G. Tosti (Univ. Perugia, Perugia)

Local Organizing Committee
José Manuel Almenara (IAC), Hans Deeg (IAC, co-chair), Katrin Götz (AIP, co-chair), Michael Weber (AIP), Thomas Granzer (AIP), Markus Rabus (IAC)


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