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9th Potsdam Thinkshop 2012
Galaxy surveys using Integral Field Spectroscopy: Achievements and Opportunities
Summer School in Astrophotonics 2012
The application of photonics to astronomy for astronomers and photonicists
10th Potsdam Thinkshop 2013
High resolution optical spectroscopy
Gaia-ESO meeting
Stellar analyses in the Gaia-ESO Survey: towards the first Data Release
Leibniz-Kolleg Potsdam 2013: Workshop
Measuring and Modelling Dark Energy // with Brian Schmidt
11th Potsdam Thinkshop
Satellite galaxies and dwarfs in the local group
14th Potsdam Thinkshop
Stellar Magnetism: Challenges, Connections, and Prospects
IAU Symposium 334
Rediscovering our Galaxy