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last change 22 February 2011, M. Küker
MHD: Group Members

Members of the
AIP Magnetohydrodynamics Group

Rainer Arlt
group head
magnetic stability and dynamos in stars
Abhijit Bendre
galactic magnetism
Detlef Elstner
IT management
galactic magnetism
dynamo simulations
Yori Fournier
MHD simulations
interstellar medium
Hans-Erich Fröhlich
physics of accretion disks
photometry of sun-like stars
Marcus Gellert
Magneto-rotational instability
Andrea Hans
Erik Johansson
MHD simulations
interstellar medium
Todor Kondic
neutron stars
Manfred Küker
solar and stellar differential rotation
Günther Rüdiger
MHD turbulence
dynamo theory
Manfred Schultz
IT services
Jacek Szklarski
MHD simulations
Udo Ziegler
numerical MHD
code development (NIRVANA)
MHD simulations

Former members:

S. Kämmerer

E. Memola

Y. Zhang

R. Tschäpe

H. Fuchs

C. Fendt

U. Geppert

M. Cemeljic

N. Dziourkevitch

P. Egorov

A. Sule

S. Ivanovski

A. Giesecke

O. Gressel

J. Hoyos