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Cosmology is one of the most exciting subjects in astrophysics. We are concerned with the origin and fate of the universe as a whole. We study how cosmic structures form from a regularly expanding mixture of dark matter and baryonic plasma that originated from an early phase near to the big bang. All seed of structure are laid during an early phase transition called inflation. Cosmic structures are on the one side dark matter halos and on the other, stellar structures as star clusters, spiral and elliptical galaxies, groups and cluster of galaxies. All of them are thought to condense by dissipative processes in preformed dark matter structures. On still larger scales, the cosmic matter forms a huge network of superclusters and voids. Our research program includes observations and simulations of the time evolution of structures, from the first stars and black holes that reionise the universe, to the evolving galaxiy population and intergalactic matter.

Large Scale Structure Galaxy Formation Intergalactic Matter Dark Matter & Energy
  • Supercluster and Voids
  • Cosmic Web
  • Galaxies in the Web
  • Origin of Galactic Morphology
  • Semianlytical Models
  • Satellite Systems
  • QSO Absorphion Line Systems
  • Zeldovich Sunyaev Effect
  • Intracluster Medium
  • Baryonic acoustic oscillations
  • Signatures of Dark Matter
  • Clusters of galaxies
Supercomputer simulation of
   the cosmic web Satellite orbit around a dark
   matter halo Quasars ionizing the
   intergalactic matter Dampled Lyman
   alpha quasar, Source: ESO 2006 Quasar HE 0940-
   alpha quasar, Source: ESO 2006 Simulated Halos of Nearby
   Galaxies for Cold and Warm Dark Matter: CDM and WDM