People working in Cosmology and Large-Scale Structure

NamejobEmail + Phone
Metin Ata PhD Student mata 537
Stefan Gottlöber Staff sgottloeber 516
Steffen Heß Postdoc Fellowshess 647
Anne HutterPhD Studentahutter537
Francisco Shu Kitaura Joyanes Schwarzschild Fellowfkitaura 447
Noam Libeskind Postdoc Fellow nlibeskind 231
Jan Peter Mücket Staff jpmuecket 518
Umberto Maio Postdoc Fellow umaio 521
Volker Müller Group Head vmueller 521
Sebastián E. Nuza Postdoc Fellow snuza 414
Maria del Pilar Bonilla Tobar PhD Student mardelpi 218
Cecilia Scannapieco Postdoc Fellow cscannapieco 535
Matthias Steinmetz AIP Director msteinmetz 381
Isabel Suarez PhD Student isuarez 285
Maneenate Wechakama PhD Student maneenate 285
Andread Wilhelm Master Student awilhelm 346

The institute's full phone number is +49 331 7499-0. Replace the trailing zero with the office phone number to make a direct call. You can also contact us via FAX +49 331 7499 352.

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