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eScience at the AIP


The extensive use of supercomputers and networks opens a new era of scientific methodology. An all-at-once accessibility of computing power and scientific data around the globe is turning from desirable into feasible. Our ambitious projects coupled with the vision of global resource use are collectively called "eScience".

How to quickly use the Grid at AIP

Click here for the material from the AIP Hands on Globus- workshop


eScience team


GACG AstroGrid-D

The German Astronomy Community Grid is a joint project of many major German astronomical research institutes as well as computer science groups and high-performance computing centres. The AstroGrid-D will combine resources of computing power, data storage and special hardware and will simplify access and scientific use. The AIP eScience group is in overall charge of the German AstroGrid development and deployment. It is the group's central project.

GAVO The German Astrophysical Virtual Observatory

GAVO is a BMBF sponsored project for building "Virtual Observatory" platforms to support modern astronomical research in Germany. It is the German contribution to the international activities aiming at the evolution of the global Virtual Observatory (VO) network. The work of the GAVO team aims at providing fast and standardised access to astronomical data archives and related documentation. This also provides the capability to use sophisticated software tools for new studies.

WissGrid WissGrid

As a D-Grid project, WissGrid's objective is to establish long-term organisational and technical D-Grid structures for the academic world. WissGrid combines the heterogeneous needs from a variety of scientific disciplines and develops concepts for the long-term sustainable use of the organisational and technical grid infrastructure.
AIP is member of WissGrid and leader of Workpackage 2.

EFRE Projects of "Europäischer Fonds für regionale Entwicklung"
Cluster High performance computing

Numerical Astrophysics demands for enormous computational powers. AIP scientists run simulations in cosmology, stellar physics and MHD on different Top500 computers worldwide. However, the development of the simulation code such as Nirvana, Amiga and Co5bold , the preparation and optimisation for simulations and post data processing are done locally at AIP facilities. For that purpose AIP provides three clusters and a 240TB data storage server.