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Research area I
Cosmic Magnetic Fields
and turbulence
   Physics of the Sun    Stellar physics
and stellar activity
  Magnetic fields and turbulence in stars, accretion disks, and galaxies. Computer simulations of dynamos, magnetic instabilities, differential rotation, and magneto-convection; MHD laboratory astrophysics      Determination of the evolution of magnetic structures in the solar atmosphere with optical observations; coronal plasma processes studied by solar radio physics      Computer simulations of stellar physics such as stellar convection, winds and dust envelopes of red giants; determination of stellar surface parameters and chemical abundances. Observations of stellar activity by robotic doppler imaging and photometry.
  Selected projects
  Twin Automatic Photoelectric Telescopes "Wolfgang Amadeus"; robotic stellar photometry from southern Arizona      3D radiation (magneto-) hydrodynamics code designed for the numerical simulation of stellar convection      1.5-m optical solar telescope on Tenerife. The telescope will be able to resolve 70 km on the Sun.
  Low-Frequency Array: European antennae array for interferometry by super-computational treatment of the data stream.      Numerical code for 3D non-relativistic, compressible MHD with adaptive mesh refinement and self-gravity.      Potsdam Echelle Polarimetric and Spectroscopic Instrument for the LBT      Potsdam-Rossendorf Magnetic Instability Experiment for detecting of the magnetorotational instability
STELLA    XPN      
  Robotic telescopes for stellar activity. Instruments are an Echelle spectrograph and a wide-field imaging photometer.      Extragalactic planetary nebulae as diagnostic probes for the chemical evolution of galaxies          
  Completed projects
  Antarctic Research, a European Network for Astrophysics: Kollaboration zur Förderung von Infrarot- und optischer Astronomie in der Antarktis      European Solar Magnetism Network      PLasma Astrophysics: Theory, Observations and Numerics of heating, flares and winds