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Research area III
Development of Research Technology and of Research Infrastructure
Telescope control and robotics    High-resolution spectroscopy and polarimetry    3D spectroscopy    Supercomputing and
Development of robotic telescopes, instruments, and software solutions for data reduction, archiving and "gridification"    Development of high-resolution spectrographs and polarimeters for solar and stellar physics    Development of optical focal-plane instrumentation for ground-based telescopes    The extensive use of supercomputers and networking in ambitious projects coupled with the vision of global resource use
  Acquisition, Guiding and Wavefront sensing unit for the Large Binocular Telescope, Mt. Graham, Arizona. It will collect the light with two 8.4m mirrors.      Potsdam Echelle Polarimetric and Spectroscopic Instrument for the LBT      The Multi Unit Spectroscopic Explorer is a second generation instrument in development for the Very Large Telescope (VLT).      Adaptive Mesh Investigations of Galaxy Assembly; adaptive mesh refinement code for cosmological simulations
STELLA    SES at STELLA    PMAS    AstroGrid-D
  Robotic telescopes for stellar activity. Instruments are an Echelle spectrograph and a wide-field imaging photometer.      The STELLA Echelle Spectrograph (SES) is a fiber-fed spectrograph with a fixed wavelength format of 390-860nm and a spectral resolution of 55,000.      The Potsdam Multi-Aperture Spectrophotometer is an integral field instrument developed at the AIP.      AstroGrid-D is a cooperation for distributed computing and sharing resources based on innovative grid technologies.
RoboTel    GREGOR    innoFSPEC    EFRE network
  RoboTel is a smaller copy of STELLA. It serves as a robotic test telescope as well as for educational purposes.      Polarimetric calibration unit for the 1.5m Gregory Telescope on Tenerife, and the GREGOR at night stellar spectrograph.      Center for innovation competence in fiber-spectroscopy and sensing      A high-speed network of the AIP and AEI funded by the European funding of regional development
  International Concordia Explorer Telescope for wide-field high-precision photometry from the Antarctic             VIRUS will be a giant optical integral-field unit spectrograph for the Hobby-Eberly Telescope Dark Energy Experiment      German Astrophysical Virtual Observatory. GAVO is a project for building a "Virtual Observatory" platform in Germany
                   The Low-Frequency Array is a western European antennae array. Interferometry is achived by super-computational treatment of the data stream.
                     Numerical code for 3D non-relativistic, compressible MHD with adaptive mesh refinement and self-gravity.
               Plate Archive
                     Digitization project for the 10,000 photographic and spectroscopic plates of the observatories in Potsdam
  Completed projects
            Promoting 3D spectroscopy in Europe; a research training network, funded by the European Commission     
            A collaboration of AIP and Potsdam University to develop and apply the method of "nod-shuffle" observations for faint object 3D spectroscopy using PMAS