A bridge between natural sciences and fine arts

- ARTSCITA in the International Heliospheric Year-



Dr. rer. nat. habil.

C.-V. Meister

Solar Observatory "Einstein Tower" (2005)

The Sun-Earth system (2006)

(both gouache, A4)

Biography, methods and topics of the painter and graphic artist

Exhibitions (selected works) Lectures at BBAG

School of Fine Arts: "Enjoying painting and drawing"

It is possible to join the school at any time. But to have enough drawing material prepared, interested in the school students are asked to register at least one week before the entrance into the school: SEKIZ: (0331)6200280, BBAG: phon - (0331)2700240, fax - (0331)2708690

Potsdam fiber spectroscopy (2007)

Impressions of GSI at Darmstadt (2007)

(both gouache, A4)

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