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If you do not have a car pleace notice that you will have to walk uphill for about a quarter of an hour. If you arrive in Potsdam by "S-Bahn" or train from the Station "Potsdam Stadt" and want to walk the whole way, please pass the building site at the station's exit until you reach the main road, the "Lange Brücke" (long bridge). You will now have to turn left and walk on the bridge eastwards. Turn south at the end and cross the road at one of the traffic lights towards a big dark red brick building. Follow the leftmost road southwards, the "Einstein-Straße" up the hill. You will walk through a small forest and pass the "Umweltministerium" (ministry for environmental matters). You will reach the gate to the "Wissenschaftspark Albert Einstein" after a few minutes. Follow the sings to the tower or ask the guard.
You can use a shortcut if you want to go by tram. At the "Lange Brücke" get on any of the trains leaving eastwards (to your left when you reached the bridge). Get off at the second stop "An den Friedhöfen" (at the cemetry). You will see a cemetry gate in front of you. Walk back a few steps the direction the tram came from and cross the lawn towards the cemetry. Leave the cemetry on your left hand side and enter the forest on a small path going uphill (better don't try this at night unless you want to test your nerves). Follow the path to the main gate of the "Wissenschaftspark Albert Einstein".

You could normally visit the exhibition "From the Great Refractor to the Einstein tower" at weekends from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., but only from May to October. Entrance is free.

Another description with map from the "GFZ Potsdam"

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