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Solar Physics

apl. Prof. Dr. Gottfried Mann

The Sun is an active and variable star. Well known signatures of the 11 year activity cycle  are the sunspots, the flares and the coronal mass ejections. During solar flares an enormous amout of energy is released within a short time of some seconds to hours. The activity phenomena are determined by the solar magnetic field. The work at the Solar Physics Department of the AIP is focused on the observation and analysis of the magnetic activity in the solar atmosphere. That is done by optical (Optical Solar Physics) and by radio astronomical (Solar Radio Physics) methods. Due to its proximity the Sun can be well observed with high spatial and temporal resolution. Learning from the Sun to understand other stars - this is one aim of the research topic "Solar-Stellar Connection". Our technical civilization is sensitive to the solar activity. This was evidenced e.g. during the sequence of strong flares in October/November 2003. The impact of solar activity on the terrestrial surroundings is summarized in the term "Space Weather". The improved understanding of the solar activity is important for Astrophysics and for the human civilization.

Radio Physics

Optical Physics

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