The Rowland Spectrograph

Spectrographs in the Rowland mounting are characterized by a high photon throughput since there is only one single internal reflection. The Rowland spectrograph of SPECTRUM UV is designed to work in three channels with different resolving power: The selection of the channels is made by the rotating turret with different gratings (G1-G5)

The Lyman Channel allows to study the extremely interesting Lyman spectral region with a resolution corresponding to 30 km/sec. The Medium Resolution Channel is able to resolve the C IV (154.8 nm, 155.1 nm) and Mg II (279.6 nm, 280.3 nm) doublets for faint objects. With the Low Resolution Channel it will be possible to reach a magnitude of V = 19 with SNR = 100 and 10000 sec exposure time for an unreddened star with an effective temperature of 40000 K.

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