The ROSAT Results Archive Project

ROSAT Results Archive Web pages also available at: [MPE] [GSFC] [SAO] [Leicester Univ.]

The ROSAT Results Archive contains results (positions, count rates, hardness ratios, extent, and variability information) on some 100,000 objects detected in more than 5000 observations performed by ROSAT. The data have undergone a thorough screening and validation process, including an automatic screening and visual inspection of all ROSAT images. About 1700 ROSAT datasets were screened at AIP.

The project is conducted in collaboration with MPE, GSFC, SAO,and Leicester University.

A brief description of the ROSAT Results Archive Project can be found in: The ROSAT Results Archive.

Now available (July 24th, 2001):

The Completed ROSAT Source Catalogues of Pointed Observations

Summary statistics of catalogues:
                   number of entries in     missed     number of     sky 
 ID    detector    full cat | short cat    sources   observations  coverage   
2rxp   PSPC         100048       54133       2637       5182        17.3  %
2rxf   PSPC/filt.     1966         704         20        258         0.15 %
1rxh   HRI           56401       13452        331       5154         1.94 %
Read the release announcement or download the catalogues as ascii tables:

PSPC (2rxp): full catalogue (11.9 MB), header file | short version (5.6 MB), header file
PSPC/ filter obs. (2rxf): full catalogue (260 KB), header file | short version (80 KB) header file
HRI (1rxh): full catalogue (11.3 MB), header file | short version (1.3 MB), header file
Observations used for each catalogue: 2rxp (220 KB) | 2rxf (11 KB) | 1rxh (220 KB)

A Web based archive browser is available at MPE.

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