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last change 2004 July 15, R. Arlt
Robotic Astronomy, Potsdam, 2004 July 12-15
The aim of the meeting is to bring together astronomers and technicians from any field in astronomy to review the current status of robotic telescope projects and to discuss the future science cases for such installations. New results from existing robotic telescopes and their ongoing projects will be presented. Part of the "Thinkshop" concept is to jointly think about new scientific projects tailored to the unique capabilities of modern robotic telescopes, small and large.

Program venue
Sunday Jul 11 Welcome reception and registration at the AIP (7pm)
At Dorint Hotel:
Monday Jul 12 Project Overviews and Scientific Rationales
Tuesday Jul 13 Technical Innovations/Early Results, Dinner
Wednesday Jul 14 Data Management/Ongoing Science
Visit to Sanssouci park
Thursday Jul 15 New Ideas/Future Projects
Photo gallery of the conference
Final program as of July 2, 2004
Travel information

Scientific Organizing Committee
F.C. Fekel (USA)
F.V. Hessman (Germany)
K. Horne (UK)
K. Oláh (Hungary)
M. Rodonò (Italy)
K.G. Strassmeier (Germany, Chair)

Have a look also at the Conference dinner
List of participants
List of abstracts


Instead of classical proceedings, we intend to publish refereed papers in Volume 325, issue 6-7 of the Astronomische Nachrichten/Astronomical Notes. Talks of 20-30 minutes duration may be accompanied by 6-page articles, 15-min talks get 3 pages, and posters get 1 page. Please download the following example and style files:
thinkshop_temp.tex   thinkshop_temp.pdf   an-think.cls   graphicx.sty

Full-size poster (1.9MB)

1st Potsdam Thinkshop in 2001

Poster session of 2001
  Dorint Hotel Dorint Hotel Dutch Quarter Dutch Quarter Pubs
  Dorint Hotel
Supported by   DFG

E-mailed information
2004 Mar 26   Proceedings    [thinkshop_temp.tex]   [thinkshop_temp.pdf]   [an-think.cls]   [graphicx.sty]
2003 Aug 13   First announcement
2nd Potsdam Thinkshop The Local Group as a Cosmological Training Sample, 2003 June 12-15
1st Potsdam Thinkshop Sunspots & Starspots, 2002 May 6-10