Abbr.	  Instruments				Data Rate   Institute	


DIFOS Solar optical photometer 3 fr./4min IZMIRAN

Monochrome X-ray Solar images with high angular resolution

SRT Monochrome X-ray Solar images (1MB/pict.) FIAN RES Solar active region and flare X-ray 15MB/d FIAN spectra DIAGENESS The Solar active region and 5 MB/d SRC PAS flare X-ray radiation

Solar active region, flare radiation fluxes and polarization

IRIS Solar flare X-ray spectrometer 4 frames/s FTI SUFR Total Solar UV flux variation lbr IPG VUSS Solar UV flux near HI rsonant line lbr IPG RESIK Solar X-ray radiation in the spectral 5 MB/d SRC PAS lines with the high angular resolution HELIKON Solar flares in X- and Gamma-rays 5 MB/d FTI SPR-N Solar flare X-ray polarization lbr FIAN, NIIYAF RPS Solar flare and their precursors IKI, MIFI X-ray radiation AVS Solar flare X- and Gamma-ray radiation MIFI


ZENIT Study of Solar corona IZMIRAN, AbAO SORS Solar radio bursts 2 MB/d IZMIRAN, SRC PAS

Solar cosmic rays

SKL Solar cosmic rays spectrometer NIIYaF
about 60MB/d min 30MB/d max 120MB/d

Remarks: lbr means low bit rate.

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