Q10.5: Introductory Technical Reports?

See also Q14 for other technical reports.

Ficek, Rhona (1990) "Genetic Algorithms", Dept. of Computer Science and Operations Research, North Dakota State University. An introductory report, available from: http://www.atm.cs.ndsu.nodak.edu/Dienst/UI/2.0/Describe/ncstrl.ndsu_cs%2fNDSU-CS-TR-90-51

Hoffmeister, F. & Bäck, T. (1990, 1992) "Genetic Algorithms and Evolution Strategies: Similarities and Differences", University of Dortmund, Dept. of CS, SyS-1/92. Available by ftp from ftp://lumpi.informatik.uni-dortmund.de:

Serrada, Anselmo Perez (1996) "Una introducci'on a la Computaci'on Evolutiva". An introduction to EC in Spanish. Available from ENCORE (see Q15.3) in file EA/papers/intro-spanish.ps.gz with an overview in EA/papers/intro-spanish.leeme .

Whitley, D. (1993) "A Genetic Algorithm Tutorial", Colorado State University, Dept. of CS, TR CS-93-103. Available by ftp from ftp://ftp.cs.colostate.edu/pub/public_html/TechReports/1993/tr-103.ps.Z or from http://www.cs.colostate.edu - follow the link to Technical Reports.

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