Q10.8: On-line bibliography collections?

The Big One

Jarmo Alander has compiled probably the biggest EC bibliography around. It has 2500 entries, and is available in postscript form by ftp from: ftp://garbo.uwasa.fi/pc/research/2500GArefs.ps.gz and also from ENCORE (see Q15.3) in file refs/2500GArefs.ps.gz Please send any additions or corrections to <ja@cs.hut.fi>

The same directory on ENCORE also contains some other bibliography collections.

Combinations of GAs and NNs

Dave Schaffer <ds1@philabs.Philips.Com> has compiled a bibliograpy on combinations of GAs and neural networks. About 150 entries, available in Bib format from ENCORE (See Q15.3) in file refs/cogann.bib.gz

Jochen Ruhland <jochenr@neuro.informatik.uni-kassel.de> has also compiled a bibliography on this topic. Some papers deal only with neural networks, some only with genetic algorithms. About 300 references altogether. Some include an abstract. Available from: ftp://ftp.neuro.informatik.uni- kassel.de/pub/NeuralNets/ in We_and_our_work/papers/diplom.1.bib.gz There are plans to expand this bibliography from time to time; the sequels will have names diplom.2.bib.gz, etc.

Bibliography at IlliGAL

A bibliography on Genetic Algorithms compiled by David E. Goldberg, Kelsey Milman, and Christina Tidd is available as IlliGAL Report No 92008 (see Q14), via ftp from: ftp://gal4.ge.uiuc.edu/pub/papers/IlliGALs/92008part1.ps.Z and 92008part2.ps.Z

GAPHD Bibliography Collection

Martyn Amos <Martyn.Amos@dcs.warwick.ac.uk> has assembled a collection of bibliographies from various sources, tidied up the entries and removed duplicates. The collections are as follows:

    Alife.bib.gz      - General Artificial Life
    ICGA-93.bib.gz    - Proc. International Conference on GAs (1993)
    chaos.bib.gz      - Chaos theory
    ga+nn.bib.gz      - GAs and neural networks
    ga.bib.gz         - General GA references
    ga2.bib.gz        - General GA references
    parallelGA.bib.gz - Parallel GAs
    theory.bib.gz     - Theoretical computer science (bias towards graph
		      theory, stochasic modelling and pobability theory)
    misc.bib.gz       - Miscellaneous topics (eg. Internet)

There are about 6200 references in total, although the biggest file by far is theory.bib, which is not directly related to EC. The references are in BibTeX format. The files are available by FTP from ftp://ftp.dcs.warwick.ac.uk/pub/gaphd/Bibliographies/ or by WWW from http://www.dcs.warwick.ac.uk/~martyn/ga.html

Genetic Programming Bibliography

A collection of Genetic Programming references (and other tools) is maintained by Bill Langdon <W.Langdon@cs.ucl.ac.uk> and is available via anonymous ftp from ftp://cs.ucl.ac.uk/genetic/biblio/

Evolutionary Models in the Social Sciences

Edmund Chattoe <E.Chattoe@surrey.ac.uk> has set up a bibliography on Evolutionary Models In Economics and the Social Sciences. The latest copy of the EMSS bibliography and some accompanying notes can be found at http://www.soc.surrey.ac.uk/~scs1ec/emssbib.html

GAs and Economics

Bernard Manderick <manderic@cs.few.eur.nl> has compiled a bibliography on the use of GAs in economics, and this was published in GA-Digest, v7n4 (with some followup comments in v7n5 & v7n7). This can be retrieved by FTP from ftp://ftp.aic.nrl.navy.mil/pub/galist/digests/v7n4 (see Q15.1).

GAs in Control

Carlos Fonseca <fonseca@acse.sheffield.ac.uk> has compiled a bibliography of about 50 references on GAs in Control, and it was published in GA-Digest, v7n18. This can be retrieved by FTP from ftp://ftp.aic.nrl.navy.mil/pub/galist/digests/v7n18 (see Q15.1).

Learning Classifier Systems

The Learning Classifier Systems Bibliography is the largest LCS bibliography there is. Currently about 600 entries. http://www.cs.bham.ac.uk/~tyk/lcs/

Parallel GAs

A parallel GA bibliography is available via ftp from: ftp://unix.hensa.ac.uk/pub/parallel/faqs/parallel-genetic-algorithms

Andreas Uhl <uhl@wst.wst.edvz.sbg.ac.at> has also compiled a parallel GA bibliography with about 80 entries. It is available by WWW in: http://www.mat.sbg.ac.at/~uhl/GA.html

Genetic Programming

John Koza <koza@CS.Stanford.EDU> has compiled an annotated bibliography on GP, and about 60 references were published in GA-Digest, v7n30. This can be retrieved by FTP from ftp://ftp.aic.nrl.navy.mil/pub/galist/digests/v7n30 or from ENCORE (See Q15.3) in file refs/gp-ref.gz

GAs and protein folding

Melanie Mitchell <mm@santafe.edu > has compiled a bibliography of about 40 references on this topic, and it was published in GA-Digest, v7n33. This can be retrieved by FTP from ftp://ftp.aic.nrl.navy.mil/pub/galist/digests/v7n33 (see Q15.1).

GAs in Image Processing and Computer Vision

Kyeongmo Park <kpark@cs.gmu.edu> has compiled a bibliography of about 20 references on this topic, and it was published in GA-Digest, v8n10. This can be retrieved by FTP from ftp://ftp.aic.nrl.navy.mil/pub/galist/digests/v8n10 (see Q15.1).

GAs in telecommunications and data networks

Bhaskar Krishnamachari <bhaskar@ee.cornell.edu> has compiled the following bibliographies:

The application of genetic algorithms to telecommunication systems: a bibliography http://www.ee.cornell.edu/~bhaskar/gacomm-bib.html

The application of genetic algorithms to the design and optimization of data networks: a bibliography http://www.ee.cornell.edu/~bhaskar/ganet-bib.html

Masters and PhD theses

Richard K. Belew has collected information on approximately 2600 Masters and Ph.D. theses, nominally in the area of AI. The entire list (about 170KB) is available for anonymous FTP at: ftp://ftp.cs.ucsd.edu/pub/rik/aigen.rpt Questions, suggestions, additions etc. to <rik@cs.ucsd.edu>.

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