Q10.9: Videos?

Fogel, D.B. (1997) "An Introduction to Evolutionary Computation," for ordering contact <customer.service@ieee.org>

Sims, K. (1990) "Panspermia", ACM SIGGRAPH Video Review. Ordering information from http://www.siggraph.org/publications/video-review/SVR.html

Langton, C.G. (ed) (1992) "Artificial Life II Video Proceedings" The Advanced Book Program of the Santa Fe Institute: Studies in the Sciences of Complexity, Addison Wesley, ISBN 0-201-55492-5. [ALIFEII-V]:

Koza, J.R. & Rice, J.P. (1992) "Genetic Programming: The Movie", Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. See GP-faq for an order form. (see Q15)

The Santa Fe Institute has produced a thirteen minute promotional video, which includes a five minute segment discussing the Tierra research project, illustrated with a very high quality animation produced by the Anti Gravity Workshop in Santa Monica, CA. To obtain the video, contact the Santa Fe Institute at: 1660 Old Pecos Trail, Suite A, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501 (Tel: 505-984-8800, Fax: 505-982-0565, Net: <email@santafe.edu>) or contact Linda Feferman: <fef@santafe.edu> or <0005851689@mcimail.com>

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