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Finally, credit where credit is due. I'd like to thank all the people who helped in assembling this guide, and their patience with my "variations on English grammar". In the order I received their contributions, thanks to:


Lutz Prechelt (University of Karlsruhe) the FAQmeister, for letting me strip several ideas from "his" FAQ. Ritesh "peace" Bansal (CMU) for lots of comments and references. David Beasley (University of Wales) for a valuable list of publications (Q12), and many further additions. David Corne, Peter Ross, and Hsiao-Lan Fang (University of Edinburgh) for their TIMETABLING and JSSP entries. Mark Kantrowitz (CMU) for mocking about this-and-that, and being a "mostly valuable" source concerning FAQ maintenance; parts of Q11 have been stripped from "his" ai-faq/part4 FAQ; Mark also contributed the less verbose archive server infos. The texts of Q1.1, Q1.5, Q98 and some entries of Q99 are courtesy by James Rice (Stanford University), stripped from his genetic-programming FAQ (Q15). Jonathan I. Kamens (MIT) provided infos on how-to-hook- into the USENET FAQ system. Una Smith (Yale University) contributed the better parts of the Internet resources guide (Q15.5). Daniel Polani (Gutenberg University, Mainz) "contributed" the ALIFE II Video proceedings info. Jim McCoy (University of Texas) reminded me of the GP archive he maintains (Q20). Ron Goldthwaite (UC Davis) added definitions of Environment, EVOLUTION, Fitness, and Population to the glossary, and some thoughts why Biologists should take note of EC (Q3). Joachim Geidel (University of Karlsruhe) sent a diff of the current "navy server" contents and the software survey, pointing to "missing links" (Q20). Richard Dawkins "Glossary" section of "The extended phenotype" served for many new entries, too numerous to mention here (Q99). Mark Davis (New Mexico State University) wrote the part on EVOLUTIONARY PROGRAMMING (Q1.2). Dan Abell (University of Maryland) contributed the section on efficient greycoding (Q21). Walter Harms (University of Oldenburg) commented on introductory EC literature. Lieutenant Colonel J.S. Robertson (USMA, West Point), for providing a home for this subversive posting on their FTP server Rosie O'Neill for suggesting the PhD thesis entry (Q10.11). Charlie Pearce (University of Nottingham) for critical remarks concerning "tables"; well, here they are! J. Ribeiro Filho (University College London) for the pointer to the IEEE Computer GA Software Survey; the PeGAsuS description (Q20) was stripped from it. Paul Harrald for the entry on game playing (Q2). Laurence Moran (Uni Toronto) for corrections to some of the biological information in Q1 and Q99. Marco Dorigo (Uni Libre Bruxelles) gets the award for reading the guide more thoroughly than anyone else (including the editors). He suggested additions to Q1.4, Q2, Q4 and Q22, and pointed out various typos. Bill Macready (SFI) for the two defintions of the NFL theorem in Q99. Cedric Notredame (EBI) for providing information about applications of EC in biology (Q2). Fabio Pichierri (The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research) for information on the relevance of EC to chemists (Q3). Moshe Sipper (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) for details of applications in Cellular Automata and Evolvable Hardware (Q2). Hugh Sasse (DeMontfort University) for tracking down missing/outdated URLs in Q1.5 and Q15.2.


Robert Elliott Smith (The University of Alabama) reviewed the TCGA infos (Q14), and Nici Schraudolph (UCSD) first unconsciously, later consciously, provided about 97% of Q20* answers. Nicheal Lynn Cramer (BBN) adjusted my historic view of GP genesis. David Fogel (Natural SELECTION, Inc.) commented and helped on this-and-that (where this-and-that is closely related to EP), and provided many missing entries for the glossary (Q99). Kazuhiro M. Saito (MIT) and Mark D. Smucker (Iowa State) caught my favorite typo(s). Craig W. Reynolds was the first who solved one of the well-hidden puzzles in the FAQ, and also added some valuable stuff. Joachim Born (TU Berlin) updated the EVOLUTION Machine (EM) entry and provided the pointer to the Bionics technical report FTP site (Q14). Pattie Maes (MIT Media Lab) reviewed the ALIFE IV additions to the list of conferences (Q12). Scott D. Yelich (Santa Fe Institute) reviewed the SFI connectivity entry (Q15). Rick Riolo (MERIT) reviewed the CFS-C entry (Q20). Davika Seunarine (Acadia Univ.) for smoothing out this and that. Paul Field (Queen Mary and Westfield College) for correcting typos, and providing insights into the blindfold pogo-sticking nomads of the Himalayas.

and Everybody...

Last not least I'd like to thank Hans-Paul Schwefel, Thomas Bäck, Frank Kursawe, Günter Rudolph for their contributions, and the rest of the Systems Analysis Research Group for wholly remarkable patience and almost incredible unflappability during my various extravangances and ego-trips during my time (1990-1993) with this group.

It was a tremendously worthwhile experience. Thanks!
--- The Editor, Jörg Heitkötter (1993)

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