GEMS SkyWalker
Welcome to the GEMS Skywalker

This tool allows to view the whole of the GEMS colour mosaic. The small overview image (top-left) shows 1/9 of the entire GEMS field. Use the mouse (click-drag) to move around in this field, the zoomed view of the green circle is shown in the large image (right).

In reality the big image has the size of a box of half a millimeter in size at one meter distance from your eyes (e.g. your stretched out hand), projected on the sky!!!

To select a different 1/9th section, click in the navigation window (center-left). The yellow square shows the active section.

The GEMS images (inside of the red line) was complemented with coarser images from the Combo-17 survey (outside) to not leave blank spaces.

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Design & Programming: K.Jahnke/S.F.Sanchez (AIP)
Images: B. Häußler/K. Jahnke using data from the GEMS and Combo-17 projects
The developement of this tool was supported by Euro3d research training network for the promotion of integral field spectroscopy in Europe.

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