Current  SOHO images of the Sun
EIT He II 304 Å MDI 6767 Å
Doppler map of AG Dor
in pole-on view
Doppler map of EI Eri
in pole-on view
Albert Washuettl
Stellar Activity Group, AIP

PhD: EI Eri and the Art of Doppler Imaging -- A long-term study (short abstract)
astro : calc calculation of astronomical functions with arbitrary precision
astro : autm automatic tempmap submission for the aip linux cluster

Research interests and methods

  • Activity on late-type stars
  • High-resolution optical spectroscopy
  • Doppler imaging
  • Dynamo theory

Instrumentation & Miscellaneous

  • STELLA: automatic data reduction pipeline
  • PEPSI / ICE: misc. tasks
  • Web Editor of Astronomical Notes
  • Thinkshop LOC

Scientific work

WWW design / publishing / maintainance

List of publications Curriculum Vitae

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