Astronomical Curriculum Vitae

Mag. rer. nat. Albert Washuettl

Nationality Austrian
Gender Male
Date of birth January 17, 1972
Place of birth Wien Ottakring (Austria/EU)
Phone +49-331-7499351     Fax: +49-331-7499200

Education & employment
1978 - 1982 Volksschule (Primary School), Vienna, Austria
1982 - 1990 Neusprachliches Gymnasium der Stiftung "Theresianische Akademie" (Secondary School), Vienna
May 1990 Matura (Secondary School Diploma)
1990 - 1996 Study of Astronomy, University of Vienna
1991 - 1995 Study of Philosophy, Classical Archaeology and Classical Philology, University of Vienna
Autumn 1993 - Nov. 1995 Master thesis in Astronomy
1994 - 2000 WWW administrator at the Inst. for Astronomy, Univ. of Vienna
Maintainer of the Stellar Activity WWW pages and the WWW student pages
October 1995 Member of the LOC for IAU Symp. 176: Stellar Surface Structure
January 1996 Graduation in Astronomy (MSc)
since 1996 PhD thesis in Astronomy
Mar. - June 1996
Apr. - July 1997
June, July 1998
Several stays abroad (partly with ERASMUS) at St. Andrews University (SCO) with A. Collier Cameron, working with the Doppler imaging code DOTS
Aug. 1998 - June 1999 Observation, data reduction, analysis and preparation for publication/WWW for the Vienna-KPNO Ca II H&K survey
Nov./Dec. 1998 Participation in the MUSICOS 98 campaign
January 2001 - July 2002 PhD position at the Astrophysical Institute Potsdam
February 2001 - November 2002 Web Editor of Astronomical Notes
since February 2001 Participation in the STELLA project
April, May 2001 visit at ESTEC/ESA (Netherlands), cooperating with Bernard Foing and Joana Oliveira. Data analysis for the MUSICOS 1998 campaign
since August 2001 Automatic data reduction pipeline for STELLA; supervising A. Ritter
August 2001 - September 2002 Participation in the organization of the 1st Potsdam Thinkshop on Sunspots and Starspots, May 6 - 10, 2002 (Member of the LOC; Co-editor of the conference proceedings)
February - November 2002 Participation in the LBT/PEPSI project
March 2002 Co-organizer of the first conference and exhibition on the number Pi ("Zirkumferenz"), Brandenburg an der Havel, Germany
October 2002, April 2003 and Jan. 2004 visit at Konkoly Observatory (Budapest/Hungary), cooperating with Katalin Olah and Johanna Jurcsik
September 2004 Co-organizer of the second interdisciplinary conference on the number Pi ("Zirkumferenz"), Waldsassen, Germany
Autumn 2004 PhD promotion/defense


Topic of PhD thesis: ''Covering a star spot cycle: Long timescale spot variations on the chromospherically active binary star EI Eridani''

Topic of master thesis: ''Halpha line profile variations in the chromospherically active binary stars AG Doradus and UX Fornacis''


Observing experiences

Attended Conferences


Computer skills


update: June 2004