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Dalal El Youssoufi



I am currently a Ph.D. student in the “Dwarf Galaxies and Galactic Halo” section led by Prof. Dr. Maria-Rosa Cioni. Funded by the ERC grant INTERCLOUDS. I am using the VISTA near-infrared survey of the Magellanic Cloud system (VMC) to investigate the morphology of the Magellanic Clouds from the distribution of different stellar populations.

Before joining the AIP, I obtained my master degree in Astrophysics and High Energy physics at Cadi Ayyad University in Morocco. My master thesis took place at Oukaimeden Observatory in which I participated in a spectrophotometric monitoring of the variable star RR Lyra that lasted over six months. I mainly focused on the atmospheric dynamics of RR Lyra from a spectroscopic point of view by tracing the behavior of several observational signatures of shock waves throughout three Blashko cycles.