Stefan Gottlöber

Stefan Gottlöber

Julia and S.G., 1995 (painted by Julia, 5)
Leibniz-Institut für Astrophysik Potsdam
An der Sternwarte 16
14482 Potsdam, Germany

Phone: +49 331 7499516
Fax: +49 331 7499352
Email: sgottloeber

I have a lot of research projects that never seem to come to an end. Some recent projects are described in InSiDE, see also the CLUES project, the Bolshoi simulation, the MareNostrum Universe Numerical Cosmology project, the MULTIDARK project with the Bolshoi and MULTIDARK database and the Jubilee project. More details can be found here. The general area is numerical cosmology and formation of structure.

Wir benutzen die schnellsten Computer, um die Entstehung von Galaxien zu simulieren.

I am collaborating mainly with Anatoly Klypin at NMSU Las Cruces, Gustavo Yepes at UAM Madrid, Yehuda Hoffman at HU Jerusalem, Ilian Iliev at the University of Sussex, and Matthias Hoeft at TLS Tautenburg.

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