Image archive: Atmospheric phenomena, optics, clouds

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Sunset (left) with a splitted segment - sunrise (right) with the separated red segment below the Sun.
Sun setting behind low clouds with a split segment on top (left) - Sunset over the southern slope of the Teide with the last blue light.
Ice creating flower-like structures.
Orographic cloud over the Teide top in forward scattered light with strong iridescent colours - with the Sun setting lust left of the mountain top. On the left, the buildings of the the cable car are visible.
An orographic cloud appeared in the night due to strong wind on the lee side of the Teide and remained almost constant in shape for several hours (left). - The Teide in the morning twilight.
A cloudbow (very small water droplets) occurred over the Themis telescope when low clouds reached the observatory level (left). - At night the dome of the new Solar telescope GREGOR shines red due to a system of sensors measuring the behaviour of the foldable dome. The intensity is much lower than it appears on the 1-min exposure.
A glory occurs around the observer's head (camera) when the Sun is behind the observer. At the same time, the shadow and the twilight arc can be seen.
A green flash occurred when the Sun was setting behind the northern slope of the Teide, in nice contrast to the cloud tops lit red by the Sun (left). Another evening the last sign of the Sun was a blue flash.
The morning twilight is most colourful when humid air or clouds are in the higher atmospheric levels.
The thin lunar crescent is seen between the clouds which produce a colourful scenery further west (right).