This is the website of Peter Weilbacher, working as a PostDoc in the 3D Spectroscopy Program at AIP.

Contact details

Peter Weilbacher
Leibniz-Institut für Astrophysik Potsdam
An der Sternwarte 16
14482 Potsdam
work Phone +49 331 7499-667
work fax Fax +49 331 7499-429
pweilbacher AT aip.de, encryption key ID 7D6B4AA0
N 52 24' 17'', E 13 06' 07''
The MUSE project logoLink to MUSE at CRALLink to MUSE ScienceTeam WikiLink to MUSE in Lyon My favorite interacting galaxy system named 'The Dentist's Chair' in a true color representation A photo showing me as a shadow in front of the sunset, reflected in the residencia windows on the Paranal mountain A photo showing the moon seen at night from Tololo over La Serena A photo with long exposure time that shows the NTT rotating in front of the night sky


My interests in astronomical and astrophysical research are manifold:

Projects that I am actually involved in more or less actively are summarized here:

Other Notes

While working on my PhD thesis at the Universitäts-Sternwarte in Göttingen my office was a very famous room of the old observatory.