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Annual Fall Meeting and 82nd General Assembly

Deciphering the Universe through Spectroscopy

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Programme - Splinter meeting GAL

Galactic archaeology

Conveners: Roelof de Jong, Mary Williams

Like archaeology on Earth, Galactic archaeology is concerned with origins: understanding the history of the Milky Way and Local Group. The depth of information available in the near-field provides unique constraints on the conditions of the early Universe as well as the formation and evolution of our Galaxy and galaxies in general. Galactic archaeology therefore provides important tests to the validity of the hierarchical galaxy formation picture within the lambda-CDM cosmological paradigm.

Spectroscopy plays a key role in Galactic Archaeology, providing chemical and kinematic data to constrain the chemical and dynamical evolution of the Milky Way and Local Group. This splinter meeting aims to discuss the current state of Galactic archaeology as seen through spectroscopy and examine the tools used both in small-scale studies and large-scale surveys. Topics under discussion will include:

  • Formation of the bulge, thick disk and halo
  • Metal-poor stars
  • Sub-structures in the disk and halo of the Galaxy
  • Satellites of the Milky Way
  • Local Group galaxies: structures, satellites and streams
  • Reconciling near-field cosmology with lambda-CDM
  • Large scale spectroscopic surveys and Galactic archaeology

Reviews and invited talks:

  • Rosie Wyse: The formation of the Galactic bulge, disks and halo (review)
  • Eva Grebel: Satellites of the Milky Way (review)
  • Norbert Christlieb: Deciperhing the chemical abundances of extremely metal-poor stars (invited)


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