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Annual Fall Meeting and 82nd General Assembly

Deciphering the Universe through Spectroscopy

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Programme - Splinter meeting HOT

Magnetic fields in hot stars

Conveners: Swetlana Hubrig, Klaus Reinsch

The study of stellar magnetic fields and their role in stellar evolution is of special astrophysical significance, because their presence is related to phenomena with temporal coverage from the re-ionization of the early universe to the final stages of stars. It is widely recognized that magnetic fields influence the evolution of stars, and determine their fate in the form of magnetized white dwarfs or neutron stars, depending on the initial stellar mass. The aim of the proposed splinter meeting is to greatly establish a firm basis of our observational knowledge of stellar surface magnetic fields with the emphasis on magnetic fields in hot stars, including upper main sequence stars and the end products: white dwarfs, neutron stars, and magnetars. The results of the pioneering work done during the last decade with significant new discoveries has greatly inspired the design and construction of sensitive instrumentation, in the form of low and high-resolution spectro-polarimeters mounted on large aperture telescopes. This new generation of instruments is about to be available, and will allow a major improvement in our knowledge of surface stellar magnetic fields.


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