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Annual Fall Meeting and 82nd General Assembly

Deciphering the Universe through Spectroscopy

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Programme - Splinter meeting INS

Innovations in spectroscopy

Conveners: Andreas Kelz, Martin M. Roth, Ulrich Hopp

Spectroscopy is clearly the workhorse for most astronomical observations. The spectral information yields the crucial astrophysical parameters, such as element abundances, radial velocities or redshifts, that are needed for the understanding of many astronomical topics from the composition of stars to the formation, evolution or distribution of galaxies in the Universe. Current and planed instruments as well as large spectroscopic surveys will advance even further in terms of spatial and spectral resolution, coverage and sensitivity.

In this splinter meeting the scientific opportunities offered by innovative spectroscopy will be discussed. Both experts and students are invited to present their current work and projects for the future. This splinter meeting focus on various aspects, where astronomical research benefits from recent developments in spectroscopy. These include, but are not limited to:

  • new advances in spectroscopic methods, techniques, instrumentation and related technologies
  • innovative spectroscopy (such as 2D and 3D-techniques, Fourier-transform spectrometers, high-resolution modes, multiplex-spectroscopy, fiber-spectroscopy, spectro-polarimetry)
  • advanced spectroscopic data reduction and visualization
  • spectroscopic surveys and results
  • recent scientific discoveries using spectroscopy, in particular integral-field units
  • prospects of spectroscopy for astro-chemistry and astro-photonics


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