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Annual Fall Meeting and 82nd General Assembly

Deciphering the Universe through Spectroscopy

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Programme - Splinter meeting ISM

Dynamical processes in the interstellar medium

Conveners: Dieter Breitschwerdt, Ralf Klessen

Dynamical processes in the interstellar medium (ISM) are the central engine of galaxy evolution. These processes regulate where and at what rate stars form. There are close links between global stability parameters and large-scale phenomena, such as spiral arms or tidal perturbations, and the local process of star birth. Conversely, the energy and momentum input from stars are important drivers of ISM dynamics, turbulence, and stability. Stellar winds and explosions determine the chemical and thermal state of the ISM, which in turn affects subsequent star formation, and the generation of turbulence determines the distribution of gas by the dynamical coupling of large and small scales.

The dynamical evolution of the ISM is governed by the complex interplay between matter and radiation, turbulent motions, magnetic fields, self-gravity, and local variations in the chemical composition. Shedding light, both by observations and theory, on the fundamental physical and chemical processes, which regulate the behavior of the ISM and discussing their implications for galaxy formation and evolution is the primary aim of this splinter meeting.


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