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Annual Fall Meeting and 82nd General Assembly

Deciphering the Universe through Spectroscopy

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Programme - Splinter meeting SOL

The Solar System - our astrosphere: from space physics to astrophysics

Conveners: Horst Fichtner, Alexander Warmuth

In our solar system, many physical phenomena and processes can be observed that are of a fundamental astrophysical relevance. The heliosphere can be studied in great detail by remote sensing and is the only astrophysical system that is accessible to in situ observations. Thus, its study provides us with valuable insights that can also be applied to other astrophysical scenarios. In this session, we will discuss this relationship between space and astrophysics in order to see how we can transfer the knowledge gained from our local neighborhood to a wider astrophysical context. Among the topics that will be addressed are:

  • particle acceleration and transport
  • pick-up ions in the heliosphere and AGNs
  • magnetic fields
  • planets and exoplanets
  • local and general interstellar medium
  • interplanetary and interstellar dust

In each case examples from the solar system and from astrophysics will be disccused.


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