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Annual Fall Meeting and 82nd General Assembly

Deciphering the Universe through Spectroscopy

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Programme - Social events

Welcome reception

There will be a welcome reception in front of the Einstein Tower on Telegrafenberg on Monday at 19:00. You will be able to visit the Great Refractor during the reception.

A guided tour over the entire campus starts one hour before the reception at 18:00 (in German). The Working Group "History of Astronomy" goes on a guided tour on the Telegraphenberg campus, in addition to the guided tour on Monday, before the reception. This additional tour is also open for interested conference participants and starts on Sunday, 20 September, at 15:00 (in German).

Conference dinner

The dinner will take place in the restaurant "Prinz Eisenherz" in the Babelsberg Studios ("Filmpark Babelsberg") on Wednesday at 19:30. Note that the participation of the conference dinner adds 40 Euros to your participation fee.

Restaurant "Prinz Eisenherz"


Guided tours in Sanssouci Castle and New Palace

New Palace: Monday, Sep 21, at 16:00; 6.50 Euro; meeting at the ticket service
Sanssouci Castle: Friday, Sep 25, at 15:15; 12.00 Euro; meeting in the visitor centre

Details will be available at the conference.



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