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Welcome to the 27th XMM-Newton SSC Consortium Meeting



The Steering Group will meet in a seminar room in the building Leibnizhaus. Meeting point: Information / foyer of the building Schwarzschildhaus.
All other sessions are hold in the lecture hall of the Schwarzschildhaus. You can find a campus map on our website.

All talk durations for the SAG meeting include 5 minutes for questions.


Tuesday, 13th May

Steering Group
10:00 (Closed session)
13:00 Lunch break

SSC Science Advisory Group I Schwarzschildhaus
14:00 Welcome AIP
14:05 Welcome Mike Watson
14:15 XMM-Newton mission status Maria Santos-Lleó
14:35 SAS status and development Carlos Gabriel
14:55 Pipeline status and future Pedro Rodriguez
15:15 EPIC pn Michael Freyberg
15:35 EPIC MOS Jean Ballet
15:55 Coffee break
16:20 RGS status Aitor Ibarra
16:40 OM SAS development at MSSL Vladimir Yershov
17:00 XCatDB Laurent Michel
17:20 3XMMi Natalie Webb
17:40 The 2nd data release of the XMM OM source catalogue Vladimir/Matt
18:00 End of the session
19:30 Meeting dinner (see below)


Wednesday, 14th May

SSC Science Advisory Group II Schwarzschildhaus
09:15 PSF wings Jean Ballet
09:35 Source detection on stacked images Iris Traulsen

Science Talks
09:55 RX J1605.3+3249: as close to a magnetar as a Magnificent Seven isolated neutron star can get Adriana Pires
10:15 A search for hyperluminous X-ray sources in the XMM-Newton source catalog Ivan Zolotukhin
10:35 Coffee break
10:55 Overview of the ARCHES science case Mike Watson
11:15 The XMM-Newton spectral-fit database Amalia Corral
11:30 Cluster finder in the ARCHES project
Alexey Mints
11:45 EXTraS Mike Watson
12:00 X-ray astronomy: Missions past & future
Mike Watson
12:10 Wrap-up All
12:15 Lunch break

SAS Working Group Schwarzschildhaus
13:30 Agree Agenda – Review Actions Carlos Gabriel
13:40 SAS & PPS status Carlos Gabriel
14:00 MOS SAS – status and future Aitor Ibarra
14:15 PN SAS – status and future Michael Freyberg
14:30 RGS SAS – next developments Aitor Ibarra
14:45 OM SAS – the "definite" version Vladimir Yershov
15:00 Coffee break
15:15 SAS integration – compilers, version control system, ... Eduardo Ojero
15:30 EPIC image tools Richard Sturm
15:45 Source detection on stacked images – technicalities Iris Traulsen
16:00 ESAS split & new trend data Brendan Perry
16:15 Calibration implementations for EPIC Richard Saxton
16:30 Wrapping up – SAS and PPS future Carlos Gabriel
16:45 End of the meeting



Please register informally before May 1st by sending e-mail to ,

  • the sessions you plan to attend,
  • participation in the Tuesday evening dinner,
  • any dietary requirements (vegetarian, vegan, etc).





Please consider booking early: Potsdam is a very touristy place.

Hotels within 15 min walking distance to the institute / 3 min by bus 694:
Hotel Vivaldi ***

Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 24, 14482 Potsdam

single room > 69,– incl. breakfast
double room > 50,– per person
Pension Unicat (budget) Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 26, 14482 Potsdam single room > 49,– excl. breakfast (+7,90)
double room > 31,– per person

Hotels within 20–30 min walking distance to the institute / 10 min by bus 694:
Hotel Ambassador *** Lessingstraße 35, 14482 Potsdam single room > 65,– incl. breakfast
double room > 45,– per person
Hotel am Griebnitzsee **** Rudolf-Breitscheid-Straße 190–192, 14482 Potsdam single room > 99,– incl. breakfast
double room > 65,– per person
Apart Pension **** August-Bier-Straße 9, 14482 Potsdam single room > 79,– incl. breakfast
double room > 49,– per person


All hotels are within walking distance to the S-Bahn train stations Babelsberg and / or Griebnitzsee.

More hotels in Potsdam-Babelsberg and close to the main station as PDF

or via the online booking form of the Potsdam Tourism Service:





The meeting dinner on Tuesday will take place in the Wein-Bistro LEWY in the centre of Potsdam, Dortustraße 17, northwest corner to Brandenburger Straße.


From Babelsberg to the restaurant:
Alternative 1: Tram 94 to station "Dortustraße" (direction: Schloss Charlottenhof), walk about 3mins.
Alternative 2: S-Bahn S1 to Potsdam main station, tram or bus to station "Brandenburger Straße", walk about 7mins.
One of the locals will be in the Tram 94 that leaves station "Rathaus Babelsberg" at 19:19.

From the restaurant to Babelsberg:
Alternative 1: Walk about 10mins to station "Platz der Einheit / Bildungsforum", Tram 99 to Babelsberg (direction: Babelsberg / Fontanestraße)
Alternative 2: Walk about 7mins to station "Brandenburger Straße", tram or bus to Potsdam main station, S-Bahn S1 to Babelsberg.

Timetables, maps, ticket information:



Natalie Webb (IRAP)
E-mail: Natalie [dot] Webb [at]



Axel Schwope
Phone: +49 (0)331 7499 232

Iris Traulsen
Phone: +49 (0)331 7499 286


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