David James (CTIO)

Blanco 1: An ideal ZAMS Open Cluster in the Era of TESS
Wann Am 02.06.2016 von 14:30 bis 15:30
  • Kolloquium
Wo SH Lecture Hall
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Using new UBVI photometry and intermediate-resolution 1-d kinematics, we employ the Tau-sq fitting methodology to establish a new series of photometric ages and distances to the Pleiades-age Blanco 1 open cluster. Our results show that the cluster's photometric age is very similar its lithium depletion boundary age, although the isochrones place the cluster considerable farther than the HIPPARCOS parallax result. Finally, we advocate that Blanco 1 should be chosen as "the" ZAMS cluster for the TESS mission.

Collaborators: Phillip Cargile (CFA), Con Deliyannis (Indiana University - Bloomington), Aaron Steinhauer (SUNY-Geneseo), Imants Platais (Johns Hopkins University), Owen Boberg (Indiana University - Bloomington)