Marica Valentini (AIP)

The joint action of asteroseismology and spectroscopy of Red Giants in the characterization of the Galactic disk.
Wann Am 09.05.2014 von 10:30 bis 12:00
  • Kolloquium
Wo SH, Hörsaal
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Nowadays big spectroscopic surveys are providing unique stellar databases for better investigation of the formation and evolution of our Galaxy. Great attention must be devoted to the accuracy of the basic stellar properties derived by pipelines adopted by these surveys: large uncertainties in stellar parameters lead to large uncertainties in abundances, distances and and ages. Solar-like oscillating red giants represent a useful set of stars for both testing pipelines and for investigating the Milky Way, thanks to the high precision of the seismic gravities (precision below ~0.05 dex) and the precision that can be reached in determining distances and ages.

In order to implement the use of seismic observables in the process of spectroscopic analysis, I developed an automated tool for measuring atmospheric parameters (Teff ,log (g), [Fe/H]) for F-G-K dwarf and giant stars. The tool, when seismic data are available, performs the spectral analysis of Red Giants by fixing the surface gravity to th accurate value provided by asteroseismology.

In this seminar I will also show preliminary results on the use of CoRoT Red Giants in the characterization of the Milky way disk and in testing the accuracy of pipelines in the frame of the CoRoT-Gaia-ESO survey collaboration.