Matthias Steinmetz (AIP)

The Radial Velocity Experiment RAVE - 15 years of Galactic archaeology and a preview to Gaia DR3
Wann Am 30.04.2020 von 14:30 bis 15:30
  • Kolloquium
Wo Cyberspace
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The 6th and final data release of the RAVE survey is scheduled to be released soon, two papers describing the data products are in advanced refereeing stage. RAVE DR6 concludes a major effort establishing one of the first systematic spectroscopic Galactic Archeology surveys which started with observations taken between 2003 and 2013.  RAVE DR6 will publish about 520,000 spectra (R~7500 in the CaT region at 8410-8795Å) of some 450.000 unique stars.  RAVE DR6 also provides enhanced radial velocities, stellar parameters (effective temperature, surface gravity, and overall metallicity) and individual abundances for alpha elements, Al, Fe, and Ni. By matching distances using using isochrones to those of Gaia DR2 with a Bayesian scheme, considerably improved stellar parameters, age estimates and abundances can be derived compared to earlier data releases. Asteroseismic calibrations using K2 data allow to derive further information and enhancements on the stellar properties derived from RAVE spectra. Furthermore, comparisons with meanwhile available higher resolution survey such as APOGEE and GALAH allow data driven methods applied to RAVE spectra. Owing to the publication of about 520.000 spectra with resolution and S/N similar to those of the Gaia RVS, RAVE DR6  can serve as a formidable preview of what Gaia is going to deliver in the coming data releases.  I will present the basic properties of the  RAVE DR6 survey,  its derived data products and some chemo-dynamical applications.