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Rafael Rebolo (Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias, Tenerife, España)

Free-floating super-Jupiters: from star clusters to the solar neighbourhood
Wann Am 12.05.2014 von 10:30 bis 12:00
  • Kolloquium
Wo SH, Hörsaal
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Free-floating objects with a few times the mass of Jupiter are known   in star clusters since year 2000.  Subsequent work on the substellar  mass function of young star clusters showed that these objects are rather numerous, at least  as numerous as main sequence solar-type stars.    I will review imaging searches for these objects in  sigma Orionis and in  the Pleiades star clusters, as well as searches   in the solar neighbourhood (including the latest discovery of a super Jupiter at about 2pc from the Sun). The photometric and   spectroscopic caracterization of free-floating super-Jupiters is a major astrophysical challenge. In the solar neighbourhood  they are expected to display very low atmospheric temperatures (below 300 K) and extremely low luminosities.