Kolloquien und Seminare seit 2012

Andrea Diercke (AIP)
A Potpourri of Polar Crown Filaments - Physical Environment of High-latitude and Polar Crown Filaments
Else Starkenburg (AIP)
A "Pristine" view of the early Milky Way
Neubau3 Nutzerkomitee
Status update etc.
Tobias Buck (AIP)
Cosmological simulations of Milky Way-like galaxies - robust results or instable solutions?
Julián Alvarado-Gómez (AIP)
Eruptive events in active stars: Lessons from numerical simulations
Matthias Steinmetz (AIP)
The Radial Velocity Experiment RAVE - 15 years of Galactic archaeology and a preview to Gaia DR3
Sowgat Muzahid (AIP)
MUSEQuBES: Probing the diffuse circum-galactic gas around low-mass, star-forming galaxies
Ue-Li Pen (CITA at University of Toronto)
Galaxy spin: a cosmic fossil
AIP Jamboree
Wer macht was?
Eike Guenther (Tautenburg)
Cool Planets of Cool Stars: How habitable are they really?
Günther Hasinger (ESA)
Bringing Sound to the Cosmic Movies
Debora Sijacki (IoA, Cambridge)
Supermassive black holes in all their guises
Michael Hesse (Uni Bergen)
Magnetic reconnection and its role as a particle accelerator
Eva Schinnerer (MPIA)
Star Formation and Galactic Environment
Klaus-Peter Schroeder (Mexico)
Observing magnetic activity of giant stars: between magnetic breaking and revival
Mohamad Shalaby (AIP)
Magnetic fields in the intergalactic medium
Anna Frebel (MIT)
Dwarf galaxy archaeology: Answering big questions with tiny galaxies
Michael Ireland (Australian National University)
New approaches to stellar ages: Chronostar for kinematic ages, and Gaia+interferometric orbits for evolutionary ages