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Kolloquien und Seminare seit 2012

Jakob Nordin (HU, Berlin)
Using Type Ia supernovae from the Zwicky Transient Facility to constrain structure growth
Florian Niederhofer (AIP)
The Magellanic Clouds - Discovering our Neighbours
Shaun Cole (ICC, Durham, UK)
The DESI Bright Galaxy Survey
Shu Yuan (Yunnan Observatories, Kunming, China)
Polarimetry on the New Vacuum Solar Telescope and polarization simulation for future large telescopes
John Monnier (University of Michigan)
Imaging the Surfaces of Stars
Rahul Kannan (Einstein Fellow, Harvard)
Arepo-RT : Radiation hydrodynamics on a moving mesh
Reinhard Genzel (MPE)
The formation and evolution of star forming galactic disks
Diego Bossini (Padova Observatory, INAF)
Asteroseismology of Red Giant Stars: a Tool for Determining Stellar Properties
Sean Matt (Exeter)
Developing a Standard Model for the Rotation and Magnetic Activity of Sun-Like Stars
Wolf-Rainer Hamann
Massive stars, winds, feedback, gravitational wave progenitors
Eduard Muslimov (Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de Marseille)
Optical design challenges: from mass-production of optical devices to high-precision instruments for scientific research
Who does what
Pratika Dayal (Groningen, The Netherlands)
The first billion years of galaxy formation
Ann Mao (MPIfR, Germany)
Detecting magnetic fields in distant galaxies with broadband radio polarimetry
Igor Soszynski (Warsaw)
One Million Variable Stars from the OGLE Survey
Daniel Hölck (Durham University)
CHOUGH, the Durham high-order AO instrument
Marina Battaglia (Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz, Windisch, Switzerland)
Multi-wavelength observations of electron acceleration and chromospheric response in solar flares
Michiel van Noort (MPS)
Image restoration of solar data using multi frame blind deconvolution
Rob Grand (HITS)
Disc formation and evolution in cosmological simulations of Milky Way analogues
Harald Pfeiffer (AEI Golm)
Gravitational waves from the second observing run of LIGO and Virgo