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Speed dating with science

Can you make fertiliser from urine? Are plastics always bad? What can we learn about social systems from baboons? Why have there been mass extinctions in the history of the Earth? How and when do sanctions affect Russia's economy? What types of curiosity are there and what does being curious get me? Was the petrol rebate a bad idea? And how did people deal with the dangers of life in the early modern period?

You can get answers to these and other exciting research questions from AIP and other Leibniz Association institutions at "Book a Scientist".

"Book a Scientist" gives you the chance to talk to an expert from the Leibniz Association for 25 minutes and ask everything you've always wanted to know about your favourite topic.


The individual 25-minute one-on-one meetings will take place online on 10 November 2022. Secure your "date" with a smart Leibniz mind!

The AIP participates under the theme "Universe, Galaxies & Astrophysics".

Last update: 26. October 2022