Andrea Diercke (AIP)

A Potpourri of Polar Crown Filaments - Physical Environment of High-latitude and Polar Crown Filaments
When Jun 25, 2020 from 02:30 PM to 03:30 PM
  • Colloquium
Where Cyberspace
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Filaments are common features of the quiet and active solar chromosphere, and they appear at all latitudes. They form at the borders of opposite-polarity magnetic fields. Polar crown filaments are a special type of quiet-Sun filaments, which are bound to the solar cycle. Studying polar crown filaments, allows to learn indirectly more about the solar dynamo. In this talk, I present the cyclic behavior of polar crown filaments during Solar Cycle 24, which was studied with full-disk H-alpha observations obtained with the Chromospheric Telescope (ChroTel), Tenerife, Spain. The filaments were extracted with morphological image processing and analyzed in a statistical study. The extraction of the filaments in some regions was difficult and the exclusion of other dark features such as sunspot was tedious. Therefore, I present the first results of an automatic extraction method of filaments with a deep neural network. The other part of the talk addresses high-resolution observations of polar crown filaments in H-alpha. The detail-rich observations allowed us to study the connection of photospheric bright points in the vicinity of polar crown filaments with the footpoint region of the filaments, and their connection with the magnetic field.