Isha Pahwa (University of Dehli)

Inflation in Higher Dimensional Gauss-Bonnet Cosmology
When Apr 11, 2013 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM
  • Special Seminar
Where SH, Lecture hall
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A Gauss-Bonnet term naturally appears in the action for gravity when one considers the existence of space time with dimensions more than 1+3. A variety of inflationary models can be obtained in such a scenario, once the scale factor for the hidden dimension(s) is allowed to be different from that for the visible ones. In particular, no inflaton field is required.  The phase space has a rich structure with different types of solutions, both stable and unstable. For a large class of solutions, the scale factors rapidly approach an asymptotic exponential form.  Furthermore, sufficient inflation can be obtained for only a modest compression of the hidden world, if the latter is of a  sufficiently large dimension.