Joel Johansson (Stockholm University)

Supernovae cosmology: level up or game over?
When Aug 02, 2012 from 03:00 PM to 04:00 PM
  • Special Seminar
Where SH, Seminar room
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A key goal of supernova cosmology is constraining the nature and properties of dark energy through detailed measurements of the Universe's expansion history. We have now a precise account of the expansion history of the last 7 Gyrs, but progress in distinguishing between different dark energy models is today limited by systematic uncertainties, which are equal in size to the statistical errors.

I plan to discuss ongoing efforts to adress some of the potential sources of systematic uncertainties, i.e dimming/reddening by dust and the progenitor systems of Type Ia supernovae. Furthermore, I will present ideas on how to exploit gravitational lensing by galaxy clusters to do find magnified supernovae, giving us the means to explore another 4 Gyrs of the expansion history.