L.C. Popovic (Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade)

Spectropolarimetry of Type 1 AGNs: AGN central structure and mass of black hole
When Nov 23, 2016 from 03:30 PM to 04:30 PM
  • Special Seminar
  • Colloquium
Where SH, Lecture hall
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Spectropolarimetry is a powerful tool for probing the central part of active galactic nuclei (AGNs), since polarized light provides information about the radiation that is coming from the center of an AGN and from the scattering region assumed to be between the central source and the observer. I will present our recent investigation of Type 1 AGNs (with broad emission lines) using spectropolarimetric observations: First, I will discuss the  results of multi-epoch spectropolarimetric observations of the radio-loud active galaxy 3C 390.3 (in the period 2009-2014)  and  Mrk 6 (observed from 2010 to 2013), and after that I will present a new method for measuring SMBH mass using the polarization of the AGN broad emission lines.