Martin Sparre (AIP)

The role of mergers in galaxy formation
When Mar 21, 2019 from 02:30 PM to 03:30 PM
  • Colloquium
Where SH Lecture Hall
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Traditionally, galaxy mergers are believed to play an important role in transforming spiral galaxies into ellipticals. Most of the theoretical knowledge about galaxy mergers does, however, rely on idealised computational setups, where two isolated galaxies in equilibrium are collided. In this talk I present results from a suite of full cosmological simulations of major mergers. A fraction of the merger remnants from these simulations do (surprisingly) have star-forming disks, and this challenges the general idea, that a galaxy merger always produce an elliptical galaxy. I also show how cosmological merger simulations can be used to provide predictions for the circumgalactic medium of merging galaxies. Finally, I show preliminary results about the parsec-scale structure of gas in idealised simulations of the circumgalactic medium.